360 Degrees Rotation Hydraulic Breaker System

360 Degrees Rotation Hydraulic Breaker System

Hot sale engineering device set type rock split growth system

The fastened rock breaker stationary is based mostly on the real functioning circumstances of the crushing website. It is designed by CZPT according to the true functioning problems. The crushing force is large, the operation is secure, the sounds is minimal, the performance is reputable, and the operation is hassle-free. It can be utilized at any sophisticated doing work internet site. Ongoing operation lowers the labor intensity of workers, enhances the on-internet site working environment, and improves operate efficiency. It is an best products for secondary crushing mechanization.

Complex parameter:

  Mounted rock split arm
Specification Product Nominal functioning radius(m) Greatest functioning radius(m) Maximum Vertical height(m) Swivel angle(°)
Mild sort RKB20 2 3.3 2 320,360
RKB30 2.eighty two four.3 two.ninety five 320,360
RKB40 3.2 4.55 two.51 320,360
RKB41 three.85 7.eighty two four.22 320,360
Medium kind RKB42 4.fifteen 6.1 4.23 one hundred eighty,360
RKB44 five.75 7.thirteen five.7 one hundred eighty,360
RKB45 five.41 seven.35 five.nine 320,360
Large type RKB52 five.forty two seven.eighty two five.three 320,360
RKB53 5.95 7.eighty five four.9 one hundred eighty,360
RKB60 6.43 8.76 6.4 180,360
RKB75 7.7 nine.1 6.eighty two one hundred eighty,360
RKB90 8.eighty two 10.nine 7.75 a hundred and eighty,360
RKB110 10 twelve.five nine a hundred and eighty,360
RKB122 twelve.3 fifteen nine.one 320,360


The increase can be remotely controlled making use of a hand held remote manage device. This makes it possible for the operator a lot more overall flexibility to operate the boom from a safe length.

We can give a single or double operators cabin. Cabins can come complete with air conditioning, heating and electric powered panel.

The increase can be operated utilizing valve financial institution controls mounted into a operators control stand, or operators seat

Metal help to insert into the foundations for anchoring hefty load bearing structures.

We supply a range of  Submersed, Non-Submersed and Load Sensing electricity pack units for the objective of operating the two the rock breaker increase and hydraulic breaker. A hydraulic energy unit is provided with all static pedestal increase techniques. All of our electricity pack units are made for maximum performance, trustworthiness, straightforward and productive upkeep.

We provide a full variety of hydraulic hammers which enhance our increase programs. The electrical power to excess weight ratio of the variety of breakers gives outstanding performance and functionality. Made for improved hydraulic efficiency and safety, our effective, reliable and sturdy breakers will substantially boost the productiveness of your work.

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360 Degrees Rotation Hydraulic Breaker System