Oil Lube Filter Sell Hydraulic Oil Filter Used Gear Oil Recycling Machine

Oil Lube Filter Sell Hydraulic Oil Filter Used Gear Oil Recycling Machine

Oil lube filter offer hydraulic oil filter utilized gear oil recycling machine

1.This equipment is utilized to purify lubricating oil, CZPT oil, Turbo oil, Coolant oil, Engine oil, Trucks oil, Mechanical oil, Warmth treatment method oil, Gear oil and so forth.

2.TYA oil purifier can be also used for dealing with some other oil these kinds of as used Cooking oil, Vegetable oil (Pretreatment or Publish-treatment method for creating bio diesel), and many others. TYA is commonly employed for a variety of industries such as the mine, metallurgy, electrical electrical power, transportation, manufactures and so forth., where want to keep lubricating techniques.

TYA can successfully get rid of gas, drinking water, impurities and other contaminants from oil, and strongly emulsified, by which to lessen oil’s h2o material and impurity material, increase oil cleanness.

Following treatment method, the oil’s technical parameters and properties are enhanced, prolonging oil provider lifestyle and guaranteeing security operation of industrial products.


1.With the robust ability to filter the impurity, which can filter the particles complete TYA.

two.It has the back flush technique, which can distinct impurities automatically TYA.

three.Sophisticated dielectric condensation gadget

4.This machine installs the new pressure protector, which can handle the temperature automatically TYA also it can drain drinking water on line by the w
ater-separator system. So it is simple to management this equipment.

5.We adopt the high quality filter materials, which has a good perform in precision of removes impurity is large and the service life is extended. Also, it has a large quantity for storing the impurities.

6.The distinctive degas and dewater program: Utilizing the Stereo-Evaporation complex, which can separate the h2o and gasoline from the oil swift TYA by the Multi-stage water-oil separation engineering.

Doing work Principle

When TYA starts operating, oil will be sucked into heater by vacuum stress, then the oil will be heated and flow into major filter, the place the massive impurities are separated. then, oil flows into vacuum separator, and flows via a special developed gadget, which helps make for each device quantity oil to generate a large area location, lets the oil exposure in minimal humidity ambiance, so the fuel and water are divided from oil. the gasoline and divided drinking water vapour forms as mixed fuel, flows through water tank and cooler, condense into liquid and flows into h2o receiver, the residual fuel is fatigued by vacuum pump. Oil flows through oil pump and into fine filter, the place the tiny impurities are separated. If the oil is really filthy, or is large water content material and many others., you can purify the oil circularly for numerous instances, by which to remove the h2o and impurities entirely.

 Technical Parameters

Merchandise Unit TYA-10 TYA-20 TYA-30 TYA-fifty TYA-a hundred TYA-a hundred and fifty TYA-two hundred TYA-three hundred
Stream price L/Hr 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum diploma Mpa -.06 ~ – .095
Functioning Pressure Mpa ≤0.four
Temperature Degree ºC ~ 100
Electricity Offer   380V,3phase, 50HZ (or as essential by customer)
Working sound DB (A) ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
CZPT heating Energy KW eighteen eighteen 24 30 fifty four seventy two ninety one hundred twenty
Complete electric Electrical power KW 19.three 19.three twenty five.sixty five 32 fifty seven.one seventy nine 98 130
Inlet (outlet) Caliber mm Ф25 Ф25 Ф25 Ф32 Ф42 Ф50 Ф50 Ф60
Measurement mm 1260
x 1600
Fat Kg 450 550 600 750 850 a thousand 1200 1500
After Treatment
Humidity (drinking water articles) ≤ 50 PPM
Fuel Material ≤0.1%
Impurities Degree (Filtration precision) ≤1 ~ 5 micron (no free of charge carbon)
Demulsification New oil≤15min, managing oil≤30mi
Cleanliness ≤NAS 1638 Quality six

Device pictures

Spare Components

Oil pump

Business data

After-revenue Services

one.1 year promise for solution quality. (Individuals damaged components are charged).
2.Lifelong routine maintenance and CZPT source.
3.Free design and style of fixtures as consumers essential.
4.Totally free training for equipment set up and procedure of the staffs.

Engineers Overseas Aftersale Services are offered!!

Oil Lube Filter Sell Hydraulic Oil Filter Used Gear Oil Recycling Machine