100 T Servo System Hydraulic Drawing Press Machine

100 T Servo System Hydraulic Drawing Press Machine

a hundred T Servo Program CZPT Drawing Press Machine

1. The unique strength-saving hydraulic station of the servo hydraulic machine adopts the “pump-managed servo” technologies, which realizes exact handle of flow and stress by precise manage of the torque and speed of the pump.
2. Properly provide the movement and force according to true requirements, remove the vitality decline of substantial-pressure throttling, overcome the difficulty of excessively substantial oil temperature caused by substantial-pressure throttling of the traditional “valve-managed servo” system, and attain the result of strength preserving and power conserving.
three. Lessen method oil temperature, the maximum energy saving charge is 70%, and the common vitality preserving fee is thirty%.


Parameters Unit YQ32-100A YQ32-100B YQ32-200A YQ32-200B YQ32-315A YQ32-315B
Nominal Power KN one thousand a thousand 2000 2000 3150 3150
Program Force Mpa twenty five twenty five twenty five 25 25 25
Max. Opening Height mm 800 900 1200 900 1250 1250
Slider Powerful Stroke mm five hundred 600 seven hundred 600 800 800

Effective Worktable Dimension


mm 630×550 750×700 1000×1000 800×800 1260×1160 1000×1100
Slider Descending Speed mm/s a hundred one hundred a hundred 100 120 120
Slider Pressing Speed mm/s five-10 five-fifteen 5-ten five-ten 8-15 8-15
Slider Return Speed mm/s 90 ninety ninety 90 ninety ninety


CZPT drawing push can also be used for correction, press fitting, packing, briquetting and platen.
It can also be used for the pressing approach of shaft components, the calibration, crimping and pressing method of profiles, as well as the bending, arguing, shaping, stamping, sleeve, stretching, and plastic content urgent processes of sheet steel elements, this sort of as stamping, bending and turning. 

Business Data

CZPT Machinery CZPT Co. Ltd. is a professional company specialized in  developing and producing hydraulic equipment instruments. 

The company’s major items are four-column hydraulic push, frame hydraulic press, one-arm hydraulic push, hydraulic punching equipment, and many others. 

And our machines are ISO, SGS, CE accredited.


100 T Servo System Hydraulic Drawing Press Machine