2000kg Mini Mobile Electric Scissor Hydraulic Platform Lift

2000kg Mini Mobile Electric Scissor Hydraulic Platform Lift

2000kg Mini Mobile CZPT Scissor CZPT System CZPT

Xihu (West Lake) Dis.first Brand Semi CZPT Cellular Scissor CZPT is moved by gentleman manually or towed by tractor or vehicle. And lifts by different power,this kind of as AC, DC, Diesel or hybrid energy.There are alternatives for battery shifting,which we phone it Entire CZPT MobileScissor CZPT. It moves and lifts the two by DC battery power motor.All of our hydraulic lifts are accepted by European certificates and satisfy the global expectations.Certificated by CE,ROHS,ISO,SGS and many others.

Security precautions:
1. Explosion-proof valves
2. Equipped with anti-skid plate
three. Overload protective program.
4. Single control solenoid valves :avoid dropping if power failure.
5. Crisis drop valve
6.4 supporting legs.

Design No. System Size (mm) Internet fat
Max. Platform Height (m) Lowed System Peak (m) Power Overall size
Internet fat
SSL0504 2100*830 five hundred four 1.1 Solitary Section Energy or Three Phase Power 2250*950*1100 800
SSL0506 2100*830 five hundred 6 1.2 2250*950*1200 880
SSL0507 2100*830 five hundred seven one.28 2250*950*1280 970
SSL0508 2100*930 five hundred 8 1.38 2250*1060*1380 1050
SSL0509 2100*930 five hundred nine one.five 2250*1060*1500 1165
SSL571 2100*1230 five hundred 10 one.fifty three 2250*1350*1530 1360
SSL571 2100*1230 five hundred eleven 1.65 Three Phase Power 2250*1350*1650 1400
SSL571 2550*1530 five hundred 12 one.seventy five 2796*1670*1750 2260
SSL571 2812*1530 500 fourteen one.81 3067*1730*1810 2400
SSL571 2812*1600 five hundred sixteen two.08 3067*1800*2080 3500
SSL571 3070*1600 500 18 two.08 3321*1810*2080 3900
SSL1004 2100*1200 one thousand 4 one.eighteen 2250*1350*1180 1250
SSL1006 2100*1200 one thousand 6 one.3 2200*1350*1300 1400
SSL1008 2100*1200 one thousand eight one.42 2200*1350*1420 1585
SSL1571 2100*1200 a thousand ten one.53 2200*1350*1530 1700
SSL1012 2550*1530 one thousand 12 one.seventy five 2796*1670*1750 2560
SSL1014 2812*1530 1000 fourteen one.81 3067*1750*1810 2765
SSL1506 2100*1530 1500 six 1.fifty three 2250*1750*1530 1780
SSL1508 2100*1530 1500 8 one.sixty nine 2250*1750*1690 2070
SSL1510 2100*1530 1500 ten one.85 2250*1750*1850 2250
SSL1512 2550*1530 1500 twelve 1.85 2250*1762*1850 2900
SSL1514 2816*1600 1500 14 1.ninety six 3045*1852*1960 3400
SSL2006 2100*1530 2000 6 one.fifty three 2250*1750*1530 1780
SSL2008 2100*1530 2000 8 one.sixty nine 2250*1750*1690 2070
SSL2571 2100*1530 2000 10 1.85 2250*1750*1850 2250
SSL2012 2550*1600 2000 12 1.954 2796*1852*1954 3200
SSL2014 2816*1600 2000 14 two.23 3067*1852*2230 3900

Mobile Scissor CZPT is popular for its easy structure, low failure charge, hefty obligation capacity and low-cost price tag.Configurations:

1. Platform Material:60mm*40mm rectangular tube +3mm checkered iron
two. Scissor material: 150mm*50mm*5mm substantial power Manganese Metal.
three. CZPT technique:   
4. Pump 310 10ml/r
5. Substantial CZPT CZPT Cylinder:¢80*2sets, ¢100*2sets
6. Piston Rod: ¢40*2pieces, ¢50*two difficult chromium plating floor.
seven. Substantial-pressure oil pump     
eight. CZPT oil:Summer forty five#,Winter:32#
nine. Rubber wheel:600-9*4piece.

CZPT CZPT Cellular Scissor CZPT is commonly utilised in development internet site, developing servicing, factory every day aerial function servicing and numerous kinds of aerial perform.

Client Pay a visit to Us & Our Manufacturing facility Show
Welcome to go to us and negotiate business.We will pick up you and arrange the accommodation hospitally.Sellers and Wholesalers are especially welcomed and we will give particular discount rates.

Our Service:
one.We can design the customerized the lifter as per your requirement.
2.The most suitable model will be recommended to you once we know about your requirement.
three.Shipment can be arranged from our port to your destination port or home.
4.Opetion video can be sent to you if needed.
five.Maintenance video and user handbook.
6.Parts of the lifting products can be sent to you by express within 7 days if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:
one.How can customer buy parts once it break down?
The lift adopts most of the common parts of hardware.You can buy the parts in your local hardware market or forklift parts shop.
2.How can customer repair if any issue?
One of the great advantage of the equipment is with very very low failure rate.Even it breaks down,we can guide to repair it by video and repair instruction.
three.How long is the quality guarantee?
1 year quality guarantee.send the parts free of charge

2000kg Mini Mobile Electric Scissor Hydraulic Platform Lift