8 6 E-Nah Elastomer-Lined Wear-Resistant Mineral Process Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

8 6 E-Nah Elastomer-Lined Wear-Resistant Mineral Process Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

      8/6 E-NAH elastomer-lined dress in-resistant mineral approach centrifugal slurry pumps

Model Notation
one.5: Consumption dimensions (inch)
1: Discharge measurement (inch)
B: Frame type 

NP-AH Slurry Pump Performance Parameters

Variety Allowable Mating Max. Power(Kw)   Obvious Drinking water Functionality Impeller
Substance Potential/Q m³/hr    Head/m  peed
Max Eff% NPSH/m Nos of Vane Impeller Diameter/
one.five/one-NP-AH 15 M
twelve.six–28.eight 6–sixty eight 1200–3800 40 two–4 five 152
R 10.8-25.2 7-52 1400-3400 35 3
two/1.five-NP-AH 15 M 32.4–seventy two 6–fifty eight 1200–3200 45 three.five–8 five 184
R twenty five.two-fifty four 5.5-41 1000-2600 50 2.five-5 178
three/2-NP-AH thirty M 39.6–86.four twelve–sixty four 1300–2700 55 4–six 5 214
R 36-seventy five.six thirteen-39 1300-2100 fifty five two-four 213
four/three-NP-AH thirty M 86.four–198 9–fifty two one thousand–2200 71 4–six five 245
R seventy nine.2-one hundred eighty five-34.5 800-1800 fifty nine three-5
6/four-NP-AH 60 M 162–360 twelve–56 800–1550 65 five–eight 5 365
R a hundred and forty four-324 12-45 800-1350 sixty five 3-5
8/6-NP-AH  300 M 360–828 ten–sixty one 500–1140 72 two–nine five 510
R 324-720 seven-forty nine 400-a thousand sixty five five-ten
10/eight-NP-AH  560 M 612–1368 eleven–sixty one four hundred–850 seventy one four–10 five 686
R 540-1188 12-50 four hundred-750 75 4-twelve
12/ten-NP-AH 560 M 936–1980 7–sixty eight 300–800 82 six five 762
R 720-1620 seven-45 300-650 80 two.five-seven.five
fourteen/12-NP-AH 560 M 1260–2772 13–sixty three three hundred–600 seventy seven three–ten 5 965
R 1152-2520 thirteen-forty four 300-500 79 three-8
sixteen/14-NP-AH 1200 M 1368–3060 11–sixty three 250–550 79 four–ten five 1067
20/eighteen-NP-AH 1200 M 2520–5400 13–fifty seven two hundred–four hundred eighty five 5–10 five  1370


Sort AH,HH,M Pump are cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump. They are developed for the handing large density slurries in the metallurgical, mining , coal, power, constructing content and other industrial section and many others.
The frame plates liner and impeller for variety AH,HH,M pumps have replaceable dress in-resistant metal liners or rubber liners.
The shaft seals for variety AH,M, and HH Pump might be adoptable of gland seal , expeller seal or Mechanical seal .
The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any 8 positions to fit installations and applications.
Bearing assembly use cylindrical framework, which aids modify the room in between impeller and cover plate liner easily, and getting eliminated totally when being repaired. Bearings use grease lubrication. Below are the generate sorts, these kinds of as V belt push, equipment reducer travel, fluid coupling drive, and frequency conversion drive gadgets.
Broad functionality, excellent NPSH and high efficiency, the pump of this variety may possibly be mounted in multistage sequence to meet the supply for prolonged length.


AH,HH,M pumps are using for handing powerful abrasive, large density slurries and low density, higher head slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, energy, developing materials and other industrial departments and so forth.
For case in point: Coal washery processing, dealing with with the good ore and tailings in steel mine, handing mixed base and fly ash in a thermal energy station.

Common Application

Ball mill discharge   Bottom/fly ash, lime grinding    Coal   Coarse sand
Coarse tailings     Dredging FGD    Wonderful tailings
Flotation Weighty media   Minerals  concentrate   Mineral sands
Ni acid slurry Oil sands Phosphoric acid Phosphate matrix
Approach chemical Pulp and paper Rod mill discharge SAG mill discharge
Moist crushers Alumina Copper Molybdenum
Iron Ore Gold CZPT &zinc Silver
Bauxite CZPTium  Steel   Sand & Gravel

Item Overview 

Naipu Primary Pump Sort

Metallic Liner Heavy Duty Slurry Pump AH Variety
one.five/1B-AH 2/one.5B-AH 3/2C-AH 3/2CC-AH 4/3C-AH 4/3CC-AH 4/3D-AH four/3DD-AH six/4D-AH 6/4DD-AH six/4E-AH 6/4EE-AH eight/6E-AH eight/6EE-AH 8/6F-AH 8/6FF-AH 8/6R-AH ten/8ST-AH 10/8F-AH 10/8FF-AH 12/10ST-AH twelve/10G-AH 12/10F-AH 12/10FF-AH fourteen/12ST-AH 14/12G-AH fourteen/12FF-AH fourteen/12F-AH 16/14TU-AH 20/18TV-AH

Rubber Liner Large Duty Slurry Pump AH Type
one.5/1B-AHR two/1.5B-AHR three/2C-AHR three/2CC-AHR 4/3C-AHR four/3CC-AHR four/3D-AHR four/3DD-AHR six/4D-AHR six/4DD-AHR 6/4E-AHR 6/4EE-AHR 8/6E-AHR 8/6EE-AHR eight/6F-AHR 8/6FF-AHR 8/6R-AHR 10/8F-AHR 10/8X-AHR twelve/10ST-AHR 14/12ST-AHR 16/14TU-AHR

Steel Liner Vertical Slurry Pump SP Variety
40PV-SP 65QV-SP 100RV-SP 150SV-SP 200SV-SP 250SV-SP

Rubber Liner Vertical Slurry Pump SP Type

Steel Liner Large Head slurry pump HH Kind
one.five/1C-HH 3/2d-HH three/2DD-HH 4/3E-HH four/3EE-HH 6/4F-HH 6/4FF-HH 6/4x- HH 6S-H eight/6S-H 8/6X-H 6S-HP 8/6S-HP eight/6X-HP 

Metallic Liner (Rubber Liner)Slurry Pump M Type
ten/8E-M(R) ten/8R-M(R

Metallic Liner Gravel Sand Pump G Type
6/4D-G six/4DD-G six/4E-G 8/6E-G 8/6EE-G ten/8F-G 10/8FF-G ten/8S-G 12/10F-G 12/10FF-G 12/10G-G fourteen/12F-G fourteen/12FF-G 14/12G-G ten/8S-GH ten/8F-GH ten/8FF-GH 12/10G-GH 12/10F-GH twelve/10FF-GH fourteen/12G-G fourteen/12T-G eighteen/16 T-G 

Metal Liner (Rubber Liner)Frothy Slurry Pump AF Kind
2QV-AF(R) 3QV-AF(R) 6SV-AF(R) 8SV-AF(R) 

Workshop Show

We are factory of Slurry Pumps ,Sand Gravel Pumps,Dredging Pumps and so forth.
We have Mould Workshop,Casting Workshop,Machining Workshop,Tests workshop,and Assembly Workshop and many others.
Our pumps can be 100% interchangeable with AH HH G SP L M sequence.
We also undertake OEM service if you source us drawings or samples.


Naipu Other Pump Parts 

Primary Slurry Pump Parts : Impeller , Volute Liner , Casing , Throat Bush, Body Plate Liner Insert , Cover Plate , Frame Plate, Pump Liner Expeller , Expeller Ring ,Stuffing Box , Expeller , Pump Shaft , shaft sleeve, Shaft Spacer, Bearing Assembly , Base, Stuffing Box, Gland Assembly, Bearing Housing , Lantern Ring , pump discharge pipe , flange and so on.

Naipu OEM Pump Components

We can create and produce a range of pumps according to distinct media situation to satisfy distinct responsibility needs.There are Rubber Material such as R08 , R12, R26, R33, R38,R55,S03,S12,S31,S21,S42,S51,S52 and so forth , Wear Resistant Metal Material such as A05,A07,A12, A33, A49, A51,A61 and and so forth ,Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Material such as 201,304, 316, 316L,C55 Duplex Austenitic-Ferritic,Alloy 20,Hastelloy etc, Ceramic lining components especially ideal for robust abrasion and corrosion mediums,and they can be interchangeable with common slurry pump elements Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel such as J04,J05,J21,J24,J25,J26,J27,J31 and so on.,Resistant Polyurethane like U01,U38, fully meet customers’ request.

We can undertake a variety of OEM orders for pumps as nicely as CZPT CZPT according to drawings or samples.

Basic Portion No. Substance Code          Portion Title
001 E62 Altering Screw
003 G01 Base
005   Bearing Assembly
011 E62 Clamp Washer
013 D20 Include Plate
015 E62 Go over Plate Bolt
017 R26A Include Plate Liner 
018 R26A Go over Plate Liner (Fifty percent)
571 E62 Conclude Cover 
571 G01 Expeller 
571 G01 Expeller Ring
571R R08A Expeller Ring (Rubber)
032 D20 Frame Plate 
034 E62 Body Plate Bolt
036 R26A Body Plate Liner
039 E63 Body Plate Stud
041 A05A,R26A Frame Plate Liner Insert 
043 R26A Frame Plate Liner (Half)
044 K24 Gland Assembly
060 R08A Intake Joint
062 D70 Labyrinth
063 K31 Lantern Ring 
064 S18 Impeller O-Ring 
067 E62 Neck Ring 
070 E05 Shaft Essential
073 E05 Shaft
075 D20 Shaft Sleeve
076 D20 Shaft Sleeve (Extended)
078 G01 Stuffing Box 
081 E02 Keeper Plate
083 A05A,R26A Throat Bush
085 E02  Cotter 
090 S10 Lip Seal 
109 S18 Shaft O-Ring 
a hundred and ten A05A Volute Liner
111 Q05 Packing
117 E62 Shaft Spacer 
118 K31 Lantern Restrictor
118-1 K24 Lantern Restrictor(Lower Flow)
122 R11A Expeller Ring/Stuffing Box Seal 
124 R08A Volute Liner Seal 
125 R08A Volute Frame Seal
132 R08A Discharge Joint Ring 
138 E62 Grease Cup Adaptor
179 C23 Shaft Sleeve Spacer
210 S46 Shaft O-Ring 
217 S18 Impeller O-Ring 
239 C23 Impeller Release Collar
241 K24 Lip Seal Gland 
302 E02 CZPTing Tube 
303 E02 Locating Nut 
304 E02 Volute CZPTing Beam
306 E02 Shaft Wrench
310 E02 Stuffing Box / Expeller Ring 
425 R08A Dyna Seal
430 U14 Nut Covers 
005   Bearing Assembly
019 E02 Mounting Plate
041 A05A Again Liner 
064 S18 Impeller O-Ring 
070 E05 Shaft Essential
092 A05A Casing 
102 E02 Column
116-one R10A Strainer – Upper (Rubber)
116-two G01 Strainer-Higher (Cast Iron)
116-3 U02A Strainer-Upper(Urethane)
116-four C23 Strainer-Higher(SS Mesh)
116L U01A Strainer-Decrease
125 R08A Again Liner Seal 
154 E02 Discharge Pipe
204 R00 Discharge Pipe Gasket 
231 E02 Suction Pipe
290 E02 Spacer
293 E02 Discharge Pipe Support 
306 E02 Shaft Wrench
430 U04A Nut Covers 
005   Bearing Assembly
019   Mounting Plate 
041   Back again Liner 
064   Impeller O Ring 
070   Shaft Essential
092   Casing 
102   Column
116   Strainer-Upper 
116L   Strainer-Lower
153   Column Clamp
154   Discharge Pipe
290   Spacer 
291   Socket Head Protectors 
293   Discharge Pipe Assistance
306   Shaft Wrench
421   U-Bolt 


Possible Faults and Settlements

        Faults      Reason        Settlement
one.Pump fails to discharge any drinking water,The hand of pressure gauge defeat violently  1.Suction pipe do not have sufficient water.
two.Suction pipe blocked or the valve is locked.
1. Inject ample h2o
2.unlock the inlet valve,clear the blocks
3.Exclude the air leakage 
2.The pump are unable to discharge water,the hand of vacuum meter conquer intensely.  1.The inlet valve is unlocked or silted up.
2.The resistance of suction pipe is also big or silted up.
3.The top of suction is way too substantial. 
1.Unlock the valve or desilting 
2.increase the design of  suction pipe or desilt 
three.Decrease the peak of the set up.
3.The pump cannot discharge drinking water,strain gauge demonstrates large force. 1.The resistance of the discharge pipe is way too large.
two.The impeller blocked
3.The pace is gradual.
1.Check and change the outlet pipe.
2.Distinct the impeller
3. Increase the velocity.
4.The pump doesn’t rotate  The volute is silted up by the blocks.  Distinct the blocks
5.The potential is not enough  one.The blocks of the impeller or the inlet or outlet pipe.
2.The abrasion of the impeller is heavily.
3.The speed is reduced to normal 
4.Pump is set up unreasonably or the leakage of the inlet pipe.
five.The transporting height is as well high,the decline of the resistance of the within pipe are as well massive.
6.The inlet valve not open up adequate or blocked
7.The packing seal leaks
1.Distinct the impeller or pipe.
2.Alter the impeller

three.Modify the speed
four.Install yet again or cease leaking.


  1. Decrease the height of the transportation or decrease the resistance.
  2. Unlock the inlet valve


  1. Compress the packing tightly
6.The motor of the pump is overloaded  one.The head of the pump exceeds the head of the operating situation.
2.Not contemplate the slurry density when choosing the pump.
3.The packing push tightly
one.Flip down the outlet valve,reduce the impeller or decrease the velocity.
two.Select the motor once more.
3.Change the the screw of the  packing gland 
seven.Abnormal sound in the pump, and no water out one.The resistance of the inlet pipe is way too big.
two.The peak of the suction is too higher.
three.Cavitation occurred 

  1. there is air in the inlet
  2. The temperature of the liquid is as well high
  1. Very clear the suction pipe and sluice valve.
  2. Reduced the top of the suction 
  3. Change the drinking water valve and let the pump function in the outlined limits.
  4. Block the leakage.
  5. Reducing the liquid temperature.
8.pump vibrates one.pump cavitate 
two.The block of the impeller solitary vane 
3.The no concentricity  between the pump shaft and motor shaft
4.Fasteners or foundation free
one.Alter the drinking water valve ,reduced the peak of the set up,lessen the resistance of the inlet.
2.Clear the impeller
three.Alignment yet again
four.Fasten the screw,and fortify the basis.
9.Bearing is overheat  one.lock the cooling h2o
2.lubrication is not very good.
three.the lubrication oil is not distinct
4.the mistaken direction of the thrust bearing.
5.there is some thing incorrect with the bearing.
  1. Open the cooling drinking water
  2. Modify the oil quantity 
  3. Obvious the shaft,change oil
  4. According to the inlet pressure,change the course of the thrust bearing.
  5. Change the bearing 
ten.Packing quick life  The substance of packing is not good  Alter the packing 
eleven.pump leak oil one.High oil stage
two.The rubber components invalid  
3.Assembly dilemma
1.Reduced the oil amount
2.Modify rubber spares
3.Change the assembly
twelve Pump head leaking  one.The rubber parts not press effectively Assembly once again or press tightly 

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8 6 E-Nah Elastomer-Lined Wear-Resistant Mineral Process Centrifugal Slurry Pumps