9239590 4455991 Proportional Solenoid Hydraulic Valve for Hitachi Zaxis450-3 Zx250-3 Zx280-3 Zaxis120-3 Zaxis160LC-3 Excavator Pressure Solenoid

9239590 4455991 Proportional Solenoid Hydraulic Valve for Hitachi Zaxis450-3 Zx250-3 Zx280-3 Zaxis120-3 Zaxis160LC-3 Excavator Pressure Solenoid

9239590 4455991 Proportional Solenoid CZPT Valve for Hitachi ZAXIS450-3 ZX250-3 ZX280-three ZAXIS120-three ZAXIS160LC-3 Excavator Stress Solenoid

Product Photographs:

Solenoid Valve Available:

E200B 086~13 0571 88828 1385811777879 Solenoid Valve
E200B 096-5945 Solenoid Valve
E320B 139-3990 5I-8368 Solenoid Valve
E320 4I-5674 Solenoid Valve
E320B 121-1490 Solenoid Valve
E320B 121-1491 Solenoid Valve
E320B /C/D 111-9916 Solenoid Valve
E320B 116-3526 Solenoid Valve
PC30/forty 172989-73160 YM172456-73580 Solenoid Valve
PC120-five/six 203-60-62171/62161  203-60-56180 Solenoid Valve
PC120-5 PC60-5/six 203-60-56180/203-60-56560 Solenoid Valve
PC200-5 6D95 20Y-sixty-11713/11712 Solenoid Valve
PC200-6 6D95 20Y-sixty-22121 Solenoid Valve
PC200-6 6D102 206-60-51130/51131/51132 Solenoid Valve
PC200-seven 20Y-sixty-32120/32121 Solenoid Valve
PC200-three/5 708-2H-25240 708-23-18272 Solenoid Valve
PC200-6 702-21-5711 Solenoid Valve
PC200-7 PC300-seven
702-21-56800/ 57400/55901/55600 Solenoid Valve
PC300-7 PC360-7 720-21-5690/ 57500 /55701 Solenoid Valve
Laptop 561-15-47210 Solenoid Valve
R215-7 KDRDE5K-20/40C07-109
Solenoid Valve
EX200-two/3/5 EX120 9147260 9120191 Solenoid Valve
EX 0645712 Solenoid Valve
EX200-1   Solenoid Valve
EX200-two/three   Solenoid Valve
EX200-five   Solenoid Valve
K3V112 SK200-six MC609-7421120 Solenoid Valve
K3V112 SK200-6   Solenoid Valve
SK200-6 SK200-three YN35V00018F2 KDRDE5K-31130 C40-111 Solenoid Valve
SK200-2 KDRDE5K-20/30C12A-111 Solenoid Valve
SK200-2 KWE5K-twenty/G24D12A Solenoid Valve
SK200-two KWE5K-20/G24Y12A Solenoid Valve
SK200-2 KDRDE5K-twenty/30C12A-101 Solenoid Valve
SK200-three KDRDE5K-31/30C40-one hundred and one Solenoid Valve
SK200-three KWE5K-31/G24D40
Solenoid Valve
SK200-3 KWE5K-31/G24Y40 Solenoid Valve
SK200-six KWE5K-31/G24DA40 Solenoid Valve
SK200-6 KWE5K-31/G24YA40 Solenoid Valve
SK200-6E KDRDE5K-31/30C50-102 Solenoid Valve
SK200-6E KDRDE5K-31/30C50-111 Solenoid Valve
SK230-6E/-8P2 KDRDE5K-31/30C50-107 Solenoid Valve
SK230-6E KWE5K-31/G24DA50 Solenoid Valve
SK230-6E KWE5K-31/G24YA50 Solenoid Valve
SK-eight KDRDE5K-31/30C50-123 Solenoid Valve
SK200-8 KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122 Solenoid Valve
SK200-eight KDRDE5K-31/40C50-213 Solenoid Valve
SK200-eight KWE5K-31/G24YB50 Solenoid Valve
SK200-eight KWE5K-31/G24DB50 Solenoid Valve
NC-SV48 17A-fifteen-17271 Solenoid Valve
Kobelco SKM6-G24D Solenoid Valve
CZPT loader 561-fifteen-47210 Solenoid Valve
R225-7 H:forty.4mm  Ø18mm Solenoid Coil
R215-7 24V H:52mm  Ø13mm Solenoid Coil
R55 24V 31EN-00360
H:39mm  Ø13mm
Solenoid Coil
R220/210-5 12V H:39mm  Ø13mm Solenoid Coil
R60-5/7  12V H:52mm  Ø13mm Solenoid Coil
R200/210-5 H:51mm  Ø16mm Solenoid Coil
DH60-five/7 12V H:fifty two.6mm  Ø14mm Solenoid Coil
DH60-five/7 12V H:52.6mm  Ø14mm Solenoid Coil
DH55 12V H:38mm  Ø13.2mm Solenoid Coil
DH55 12V H:38mm  Ø13.2mm Solenoid Coil
DH220-5  24V H:fifty two.3mm  Ø13mm Solenoid Coil


CZPT Introduction:

We are a expert construction machinery components supplier found in HangCZPT CZPT. Our mostly merchandise are couplings, oil seal kits, solenoid valves, control valves, hydraulic elements, ultimate generate elements, motor areas, and so forth. 

We have the two manufacturing facility and buying and selling company which empower us more flexible. 


About CZPT & Payment:

If the quantity of get is not quite huge,we could ship them to you by specific delivery,this sort of as TNT,DHL,UPS OR EMS and many others.

If order is massive ,we will suggest you use Air CZPT or Sea CZPT by means of your nominated forwarder agent.Our long-expression cooperated agent also obtainable.




one. What is actually your core activity (do you offer with engine alternative elements, fuel technique, undercarriage, and many others)?

We mostly do the couplings, seal kits, electric areas (like solenoids, sensors, throttle motors, laptop controll board), hose, supporters, equipment parts, hydraulic areas and bearings, etc.


two. Which sort of machinery you function with (bulldozers, entrance loaders, graders, excavators, and so on)?

We primarily do excavator components and some components for air compressors and bulldozers.


3. What brand names of equipment you perform with?

We offer components for manufacturers like: Hitachi, CZPT, CZPT, Sumitomo, Hyundai, Kobelco, Liebherr, JCB, and many others.

We mostly do modest to meddium dimension excavator components.


four. Do you have the stock?

Most of our items are in inventory.


five. Can you send us the cost listing ( so that we do not constantly hassle you when we need to have the price information)?

Sorry that we never have a total price tag checklist. We do several parts. We can not supply such comprehensive value list. You might be welcome to make contact with us if you require anything at all.


six. If we make the get, can we pay out as an personal? Or we need to make the agreement for each supply?

We settle for Western Union, PayPal, T/T and CZPT Assurance Transaction on alibaba.com.

We have two stores on alibaba.com.

For modest order, we suggest Western Union, PayPal and CZPT Assurance Transaction on alibaba.com.

For PayPal and CZPT Assurance Transaction on alibaba.com, you’ll require to pay out further 5% of the complete quantity to include the transaction cost.

For T/T, you may need to pay out further fifty USD to cover the bank charge if purchase significantly less than 1000 USD.


7. What is your usual way of supply?

Typically we deliver with DHL, UPS, EMS. We also send out by sea by bulk order.


eight. When can you ship out the products that we requested?

The managing days rely on your purchase volumn. For modest order, if all products in inventory, we usually send out out products in three business times.

Our business office and staff:



9239590 4455991 Proportional Solenoid Hydraulic Valve for Hitachi Zaxis450-3 Zx250-3 Zx280-3 Zaxis120-3 Zaxis160LC-3 Excavator Pressure Solenoid