Automatic Double-Head Rotary End Forming Machine 1-1 Tools of HVAC System

Automatic Double-Head Rotary End Forming Machine 1-1 Tools of HVAC System

This equipment is suited for double-end chamfering, double-finish flaring, and necking forming of copper pipe and so forth.


  1. This gear is equipped with two left and correct rotary energy heads, which can be processed at the very same time at the two ends or one head, and can be freely selected in accordance to demands.
  2. The equipment handle program has an computerized counting function, which can correctly rely the processing quantity.
  3. The products has the perform of tempo pause or continuous processing, and can be picked and changed.
  4. With automatic alarm perform, when the unit fails in the course of operation, it will alarm.
  5. When shifting goods, mold alternative is convenient, quick and precise positioning.
  6. There is basic safety defense when chamfering the flat mouth, to stay away from or decrease chaos of copper foam, which is practical for collection and processing.

Equipment parameters

NO. Parameter products Articles
one Pipe diameter range φ6.35-9.52mm
two Pipe thickness range .five-1.0mm
3 Pipe length range sixty-250mm
four Perform performance Double head sizzling spinning
800-1000PCS / H
five Quantity of punches 2
six clamping strategy (cylinder bore * stroke) Double drive cylinder one hundred * 50mm
seven Feed mode of main and auxiliary punches (cylinder bore * stroke) Main: 63 * 75mm Deputy: sixty three * 75mm
8 Duration mistake ≤0.25mm
9 Coaxiality error ≤0.12mm
ten Processing techniques Scorching spin
eleven Travel method Pneumatic
twelve Feeding technique Car feeding
13 Operation strategy Auto / Handbook / Jog
14 CZPT manage mode CNC method
fifteen air force .5~.8MPa
16 Rotating electric device 3 phase380V/two.2Kw(two teams)
17 Energy manner Three phase380V/50HZ
18 Total dimensions (length X width X height) MM 2000x600x1600

CZPT structure and program configuration

  1. Overview:The equipment consists of a frame, a electrical power head, a feeding air control system, a gas manage system, and an CZPT handle technique.
  2. Frame: The fuselage is welded by profiles, and processed following vibration aging to guarantee rigidity and precision of the mounting plane. It is equipped with four top-adjustable foot cups and safety defense doorsThe elements of every single portion of the products are subjected to needed surface area treatments this kind of as electroplating, blackening, quenching, carburizing, electrostatic spraying, and so on. in accordance to the real functioning circumstances and operating environment to satisfy the components with ample energy and area capabilities.
  3. Power Head:The imported uninteresting head is used as the electricity, the greatest velocity is 3000 rpm, and the synchronous belt travel is utilized. The dual-axis feed is divided into two amounts of rapidly forward and slow forward, and the feed velocity and placement are adjustable.
  4. Feeding program:Making use of a unique feeding mechanism, as prolonged as the mildew is changed with no screws, it can be linked evenly, which significantly shortens the installation time, and even the operator can speedily install it.
  5. Air handle system: The compressed gas from an exterior resource is purified by a precision water-gas separator. The pressure can be modified to provide a excellent gas setting for each circuit part. The precise position of the cylinder piston is controlled by the electric valve human body. Pneumatic elements make certain the sensitivity and steadiness of numerous actions in the course of extended-time period use.
  6. Coloring:The major body of the device is blue (Jisun color amount JS-SK-003), and warning signs are positioned on the parts associated in individual safety.
  7. CZPT handle cupboard:Employing the CNC system, the air switch adopts domestic substantial-high quality air switch, Schneider button, and other main electrical parts this sort of as choose switches and intermediate relays are all OMRON goods. The management circuit is offered with overload safety operate.
  8. The set up of the electrical elements of the equipment complies with the appropriate nationwide regulations and has a reputable grounding system. The terminals, contactors and small air switches in the electrical box are installed in the VDE regular V-groove. Each electrical ingredient is evidently marked. The electric powered management cabinet makes use of all-plastic combing cupboards with wire trunking for distinct wire numbers the manage panel is clean and the subtitles on the indicators are clear and effortless to see.

List of main components and upkeep

  1. Checklist of principal components
NO. Name CZPTtity Model
one CNC system 1 established JISUN
2 Pneumatic Elements 1 batch AIRTAC
3 Leakage switch one piece CHINT
four Clear shell fuse 1 piece CHINT
five Switching electricity 1 piece MW
six Rotating electric powered equipment two piece HangCZPT MICROMOTOR
seven Unexciting head 2 set HUNKUN
8 Electromagnetic contactor 3 piece TAIAN
9 Thermal relay 3 piece TAIAN
10 Intermediate relay 3 set OMRON
eleven Proximity swap one batch YM
twelve Gas tank 1 piece JISUN
13 CZPT screw one batch TBI
fourteen Xihu (West Lake) Dis. one batch TBI


  1. Check the air / oil strain and the situation of every fastener day-to-day to ensure trustworthy use.
  2. Often lubricate transferring areas and preserve the equipment tidy.
  3. Cleanse the dust of the gear often to steer clear of influencing the operation and product quality.
  4. The typical functioning time of the tools is calculated from 8-ten several hours per working day. If the operating time is longer owing to manufacturing, the inspection and update of sporting areas, motors and other accessories need to be strengthened to ensure the security of the equipment.

Providers and other

  1. Merchandise top quality guarantee for a single calendar year, (other than for synthetic or irregular use) wearing elements are not integrated in the warranty scope. For details, please refer to the “donning areas list” in the instruction manual.
  2. You are quite welcome to check out our manufacturing unit to see our equipment how to function before you area an get with us.
  3. This solution is sent randomly: a guide and a established of molds (if other requirements are required, the value will be quoted separately).
  4. If customer have any question about procedure when employing our equipment,we will reply you by e-mail/telephone/other on the internet chat instrument inside 24 several hours.
  5. The buyer wants to provide power voltage, compressed air gasoline supply and grounding products in accordance with electrical specs on the internet site of the manufacturer’s workshop the purchaser should configure the cables and air pipes linked to the tools.
  6. The circulating cooling drinking water, hydraulic oil (recommended to use 46 model hydraulic oil), lubricating oil and cooling oil essential by the tools are obtained by the purchaser.

Automatic Double-Head Rotary End Forming Machine 1-1 Tools of HVAC System