Automatic Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Diathermy Forging Device for Metal Heat Treatment

Automatic Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Diathermy Forging Device for Metal Heat Treatment

Computerized Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Diathermy Forging Gadget for Metal Heat Treatment method

one. Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Equipment:    
Complex parameters:
  Electricity range: 30kw-5000kw
    Frequency assortment: .1-20KHZ
1. With sequence resonance technology, the induction coil can output substantial voltage and reduced recent. The decline of resonance loop is twenty five times decrease than parallel resonance on common. The total equipment can save 10-twenty% energy.
   2. Induction furnace entire body adopts heat insulation, heat preservation, insulation engineering treatment, not only the heat loss is really small, and greatly minimize the inductor routine maintenance, routine maintenance value. Inductor composition is simple, easy to maintain, abandon the standard casting procedure, no cracks, no scrap
   3. Undertake 12 pulse technological innovation to fix the pollution of induction heating equipment to the power grid.
   4. Whilst improving the energy preserving of coil voltage, using the patented technologies to completely resolve the ignition fault and unsafe factors brought on by higher induction coil voltage
   5.Built-in layout, compact construction, simple procedure.
   6. The main desk temperature can be controllable
   7. Can complete copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metallic precision forging heating
   8. Configuration of computerized feeding, feeding, sorting, quick content, and so on can obtain automated handle

two. KQGS Sequence Induction Heating Electrical power Provide Complex Parameters:


Model Power(KW) Frequency (HZ) CZPTrmer(KVA) Secondary voltage(V) Rectifier Pulse Inductor voltage(V) Electricity intake(KWh/t)
KGPS-100 100 one-8 one hundred sixty three*380 6 800 450
KGPS-one hundred twenty one hundred twenty 1-eight 200 3*380 six 800 450
KGPS-160 160 one-eight 250 3*380 six 800 450
KGPS-200 200 one-eight 315 3*380 6 800 450
KGPS-250 250 1-8 400 3*380 6 800 450
KGPS-350 350 1-eight 500 three*380 6 800 450
KGPS-400 four hundred .five-eight 500 3*380 six 800 450
KGPS-500 five hundred .five-eight 630 3*380 six 800 450
KGPS-1000 a thousand .5-8 1250 six*660 6 800-1200 four hundred
KGPS-1500 1500 .5-1 1600 6*660 12 800-1200 380
KGPS-2000 2000 .five-one 2200 six*660 twelve 800-1200 380
KGPS-3000 3000 .five-1 3150 6*950 twelve 1600 350
KGPS-5000 5000 .4-one 6300 six*1250 12 2000 350

3. CZPT water cooling chiller

4. Induction forging application situation

1. What is your edge to choose Ketchan induction heater?

We have a particular staff for soon after-sale support 24*seven. We will consider the video clip of the machine’s running before supply for your affirmation. We have received CE certificate which fulfills the European regular. Ketchan takes good quality as our society. 

two. If our equipment satisfies fault, how could you assist us to fix it?

The comprehensive fault description and images ought to be informed to us. Our engineer will judge which portion is trouble, then supply the advice and add-ons checklist you want. If some issues can not be solved via communication, the engineer will be dispatched to debug onsite in accordance to your specifications.

three. what is your guarantee?
Our all machines’ common warranty is twelve months from the day of signing the turning above the document soon after commission.


Automatic Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Diathermy Forging Device for Metal Heat Treatment