China Hydraulic Rubber Stainless Steel Hose Tube Cutter Cutting Machine Price

China Hydraulic Rubber Stainless Steel Hose Tube Cutter Cutting Machine Price

CZPT CZPT Rubber stainless steel hose Tube Cutter Cutting Device price

Solution Description

Machine Sorts
Metal Hose Blade Set Duration Slicing Device
Chopping Way: Observed
Production capability:37cm, 30000pcs/8h
Cutting duration: up to ninety nine.99m/Customizable
Software:metal pipes, nylon tubes,and many others
Measurement range:up to 16mm/customizable
Motor velocity:2800rmp

Metal Hose Girth Fastened Size Cutting Equipment
Production ability:37cm,700-1000pcs/h
Working force:.4-.6Mpa
Chopping length:up to ninety nine.99m/customizable
Cutting accuracy:± 1 corrugated length
Motor velocity:600rmp

Steel Hose Non Rack Fixed Length Cutting Machine
Generation capability:37cm,seven-hundred-1000pcs/h
Working pressure:.four-.6Mpa
Cutting duration:up to ninety nine.99m/customizable
Slicing accuracy:± one corrugated length
Motor velocity:600rmp

Metal Hose Observed Mounted Duration Cutting Device
Creation potential:37cm,seven hundred-1000pcs/h
Operating pressure:.4-.6Mpa
Reducing size:up to ninety nine.99m/customizable
Cutting precision:± one particular corrugated distance
Motor pace:600rmp

Completed Generation


Connected device
Air leakage testing equipment
Manufacturing capability:30cm,2000pcs/h
Working air pressure:.four-.6Mpa
Test precision:.five%
Measurement variety: up to 1m

PVC Hose Peeling Machine
PVC coated corrugated pipe peeled, and deburred, rolled equal

Steel Hose Crimping Machine

Energy 380V Application braided hose,high pressure tubes,fuel,hoses,and so on
Manufacturing ability 2000pcs/h Diameter up tp 20mm, can be CZPT
Doing work oil force 15Mpa/customizable Number of tooth twelve feet or eight toes/customizable

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Our Manufacturing unit&Business

We are the skilled company of all types of flexible metallic hose assembly machine , with more than twenty five a long time of
expertise. Our fixed length cutting device can be utilised for many variety of hoses, this kind of as corrugated metallic hose,square lock and interlock hose/ conduit, rubber hose. The hoses are broadly used in several industries: fuel hose, h2o hose ,chemical hose, and so on..Annular and corrugated steel hose.

Q: Why choose us for steel hose forming device?
A: We are most specialist manufacturer of hose creating equipment with more than twenty five several years of experience
Q: What sort of m fuel/drinking water hose machine can you make?
A: hose creating equipment, fitting welding machine, screening bench…

China Hydraulic Rubber Stainless Steel Hose Tube Cutter Cutting Machine Price