Compressor Maintenance Spare Parts

Compressor Maintenance Spare Parts

1. Excellent toughness and rigidity
two. Exceptional tiredness resistance and self-lubricating
three. Very good chemical and corrosion resistance
4. Excellent flame-retardant and radiation resistance
five. Good electric powered insulation efficiency


 1. Prompt Delivery 
 2. Aggressive Rates
 3. Nicely and Large-High quality Control
 4. SGS/ISO9001&RoHS handed
 5.OEM &ODM accepted
 6. Wealthy expertise in the design and manufacturing of plastic merchandise
 7. Customers’ 2D, three D drawing or samples are welcomed.

Compressor Main Spare Portion Structure Instruction
The fundamental part mainly consists of crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, its part is to connect the foundation and the cylinder component and transmit power.

The overall performance of a reciprocating piston compressor mostly depends on a suction filter, suction & discharge valves, and piston rings. Hence because of care essential to be taken.

Over mentioned areas especially valves call for periodic inspection and maintenance.

Connecting Rod 

The connecting rod is divided into two components: connecting rod human body and connecting rod huge end bush protect, which is related into a total by two tensile bolts. The connecting rod large conclude bush is split type. The content of the bush back again is carbon metal. The bush surface area is bearing alloy. The two ends are flanged for axial positioning. The internal surface of the huge end gap is inlaid with a cylindrical pin, which is utilized for radial positioning of large conclude bush to avert the Bush from rotating. The connecting rod little end and little stop bush are integral kinds, and the bush materials is tin bronze. The screw gap at the huge-conclude tile go over of the connecting rod is utilised for lifting when disassembling, and the eye bolt ought to be taken out following assembly.

Crosshead hydraulic connection fastening device

The hydraulic connecting and fastening system is utilized for connecting the piston rod and crosshead physique, which is mostly composed of the connecting device and the fastening unit.

Principle: following connecting the piston rod and crosshead by connecting the fastening system, inject 150MPa force oil into the pressure entire body of the fastening unit with the random resource of guide higher-force oil pump. By using the incompressible home of liquid, push the piston, forcing the conclude of piston rod to make elastic tensile deformation, and then lock the lock nut, launch the oil pressure, so as to obtain the pre tightening pressure necessary for relationship.

Connecting Cylinder 

The connecting cylinder is a cylindrical composition produced of solid iron. There are two varieties of one chamber and double chambers. For the compression of flammable, explosive or harmful media, the double compartment sort is adopted. The intermediate sealing packing is put in at the middle compartment. Which is utilised to stop leaking fuel from the cylinder from entering the compressor. Each chamber is provided with a vent at the top and a blowdown valve at the

base. The chamber on the cylinder side is provided with nitrogen filling, leakage recovery, cooling water connection flanges and joints as essential for relationship with external pipeline: The leakage gasoline of the primary packing and the leakage gasoline of the quick-center entire body can be discharged to the secure location through the exterior pipeline. The nitrogen gas in the extended-center physique can be repeatedly changed by exterior pipeline. There is no intermediate sealing packing and nitrogen filling port for the one-chamber of relationship cylinder, and the other interface are set as required.


The cylinder is largely composed of cylinder seat, cylinder and cylinder head. It is produced of cast iron and geared up with cooling water interlayer.The cylinder is supplied with a assistance leg for supporting the cylinder bodyweight and adjusting the cylinder amount.


The piston components are composed of piston, piston rod, piston nut, piston ring, assist ring and other areas. Each and every phase of the piston is geared up with a distinct variety of piston rings and assistance rings for sealing the compressed medium and supporting the weight of the piston.

Sealing Packing  

The sealing packing is composed of a plurality of sealing elements, and every group of sealing factors is largely composed of a gasoline blocking ring, a tangential sealing ring, a flow blocking ring and a pressure spring. In order to lessen the operating load of every single team of sealing factors, when the sealing strain is higher, a throttle ring is offered near the cylinder aspect.
For the oil-lubrication sort, there is an oil injection hole in the sealing packing, which can be injected the lubrication oil. For the oil-totally free type, there is no oil injection gap.

Every stuffing box is geared up with a team of sealing aspects, which are composed of gasoline choke ring, tangential ring and flow choke ring. The sealing factor material is divided into copper alloy or stuffed with PTFE plastic ring. The copper ring is only utilized for oil lubrication instances, and the plastic ring is suited for oil lubrication kind or oil-free lubrication events. This device adopts PTFE plastic ring.

Gas Valve 

The gasoline valve is largely composed of valve seat, valve protect (raise limiter), valve plate and spring (mesh valve and buffer plate and carry pad). The valve spring is produced of stainless and acid resistant metal wire, which has high corrosion resistance and tiredness resistance, and can significantly increase the support lifestyle of the valve.

Oil Scraper

The oil scraper is largely composed of gland, shell (oil scraper box), oil scraper ring and rigidity spring. The oil scraper ring is a airplane 3 piece straight opening variety, made of tin bronze. The oil return hole is established beneath the shell (oil scraper box), which can movement the scraped oil back to the oil pool of the compressor by means of the oil return gap.

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Q1: What is your shipping time?

A: CZPTly for standard air compressor is 15 days if there are stocks with normal 380V/50Hz/3ph.
    CZPT customizing compressors with 30days generation day for Screw Compressor, 90days for diaphragm compressor & reciprocating process fuel compressor.

Q2: How extended is your air compressor guarantee?
A: Usually 1 year /12 Months for complete compressor equipment, 2years/24months for air end (apart from maintenance CZPT.). And we can supply more guarantee if required. 

Q3: How lengthy could your air compressor be used?
A: CZPTly, a lot more than 10 years.

Q4: Can you do OEM for us?
A: Sure, of program. We have close to two a long time OEM expertise.And also we can do ODM for you.

Q5: What is payment time period?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card, CZPT Assurance and and many others. Also we could take USD, RMB, GBP, Euro and other currency.

Q6: How about your customer services?
A: 24 several hours on-line support accessible. 48hours problem sovled assure.

Q7: How about your following-income services?
A: 1. Provide buyers with intallation and commissioning on the internet guidelines.
two. Effectively-educated engineers obtainable to overseas after-revenue support. 

Q8. Are you factory?
A4: Completely! You have touched the principal resources of Air /Gasoline Compressor. We are manufacturing facility.

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F. Inlet temperature
G.Discharge temperature
H. Cooling water temperature as properly as other complex necessity.


Compressor Maintenance Spare Parts