Factory Direct Sale Good Quality Internal Gear Pump

Factory Direct Sale Good Quality Internal Gear Pump

Manufacturing unit immediate sale great top quality internal gear pump

A.[Merchandise Description]

   The design makes use of higher normal external spur gears enclosed inside of a close tolerance housing assembly. This offers you the exact volume of fluid dispensed for every shaft revolution. The housing is made from precision floor and lapped a few-plate assembly. This assembly is aligned with dowels to permit near management of working clearances. This development strategy in mixture with numerous proprietary inside features is what assures specific, pulseless and reliable flow beneath varying process situations. When HangCZPT Instrument pumps are coupled with a pre-packaged, built-in, shut-loop speed handle and a compact motor driver assembly (AC or DC), HangCZPT Instrument is capable to offer the most precise and flexible metering equipment pump method on the market place.  





Whole Height Foundation Top Min Inlet Pressure Max Outpet Pressure Precision Temperature
GWMP-.fifteen .fifteen eighty three 28.one <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC


.three 85 30.two <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-.six .6 85 32 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-1.2 1.two ninety 34 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-2.4 two.4 a hundred 42 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-three.six 3.6 one zero five 50 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-6 6 one hundred thirty 41 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-nine nine a hundred thirty five 46 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-12 12 a hundred and forty 51 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-15 fifteen 145 fifty six <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-20 20 one hundred fifty 64 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-30 30 165 80 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-40 40 90 215 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-fifty fifty ninety seven 215 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-60 60 104.five 230 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-seventy five 75 112 230 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-80 80 CZPT CZPT <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-125 a hundred twenty five CZPT


<0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC

Observe:Course of rotation: clockwise from the axis of rotation 


Design 6CC 9CC 12CC 15CC 20CC 25CC 30CC
A a hundred thirty 135 one hundred forty 145 150 158 one hundred sixty five
B 41 46 fifty one 56 sixty four seventy two 80


  Min Inlet Force   <0.2Mpa
  Working Speed   5~two hundred R/min
  Medium   Fluid
  Temperature   200ºC
  Max Outlet Strain   <30Mpa
  Circulation Potential   six-thirty(+/-30)CC/R
  Sealing   Blended seal


Product .15CC .3CC .6CC one.2CC two.4CC three.2CC 3.6CC
A 83 85 85 ninety 100 103 105
B 28.1 30.two 32 34 forty two forty seven.6 50


  Min Inlet Pressure   <0.2Mpa
  Doing work Pace   5~200 R/min
  Medium   Fluid
  Temperature   200ºC
  Max Outlet Strain   <30Mpa
  Circulation Potential   .fifteen-three.six(+/-three%)cc/r
  Sealing   Combined 

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D.[Firm Data]

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Factory Direct Sale Good Quality Internal Gear Pump