Guardrail Pile Driving Machine Hydraulic Pile Driver Price

Guardrail Pile Driving Machine Hydraulic Pile Driver Price

Merchandise Description

HZH-260 Crawler Guardrail Pile Driver 260 collection highway pile driver is a new type of entirely hydraulic road pile driver specifically made by our company in accordance to the requirements of freeway fence piling marketplace.

The street pile driver has a compact framework, can meet a variety of pile driving specifications, has a wide operating variety, minimal vitality consumption, large pile driving effectiveness, comfortable operation, gentle and adaptable, and low cost of use it makes use of a 300mm wide crawler chassis for a lot more steady going for walks.

The HZH-260 collection road pile driver is based on a hydraulic method, and a journey program is put in on the chassis. It makes use of a hydraulic motor to generate the travel for construction web site driving. CZPT effect power piling strategy is adopted to improve working efficiency.

The HZH-260 guardrail pile driver, drilling and pulling drills integrated machine is freeway guardrail steel pipe piling tools. This equipment integrates the purpose of drilling and pulling drills, and is multi-purpose for one machine. It is appropriate for the installation of numerous complex formations’ street wave guardrails.

the compact structure of pile driver.

Complex Parameter

Merchandise Title

Pile Driver



Diesel motor electricity (KW)


CZPT technique stream (L / Min)

80-one hundred ten

Rated technique strain (Mpa)


Wheelbase (M)


Wheelbase (M)


Dimensions (size * width * peak)

2700*2300*2600 (mm)

Excess weight (Kg)


CZPT unit

Bodyweight of hydraulic hammer (Kg)


CZPT hammer striking frequency (Bpm)


CZPT hammer working circulation (L / min)


Functioning pressure of hydraulic hammer (Mpa)


Electricity head bodyweight (Kg)

a hundred and forty

Drilling unit

Drilling diameter (Mm)


Drilling speed (Mm / Min)


Impact frequency (Bpm)


Impactor force(Mpa)


Diesel motor electricity (KW)


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Guardrail Pile Driving Machine Hydraulic Pile Driver Price