High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

Higher force polyurethane foam injection equipment

The device is managed by PLC, owns a lot of advantages, this kind of as higher repeat injection precision, even mixing, secure functionality, effortless procedure, high manufacturing effectiveness, etc.

which is extensively employed in the creation of imitation wood household furniture, chilly place, doors ,seat cushion, steering wheel, bumper, bike seat, pillow, large resilience PU foam, sluggish rebound foam,pu tires, household appliances(fridge, freezer,drinking water heater ), thermal insulated constructing supplies, automobile interiors and so on.The

device owns many benefits, these kinds of as substantial repeat injection precision, even mixing, stable efficiency, straightforward operation, high generation efficiency, and so on..

Attribute of polyurethane foam injection equipment

  • CZPT driven for sleek operate
  • Temperature management method for tanks
  • Car-filling products
  • PLC automatic control

Item Situation

Property business: sofas, mattresses, memory pillows, carpet mats, imitation wood seats, seat self-skinning handrails, imitation wooden headboards, European lamp panels, image body frames, hangers, designs, screen stands, and so on.

House appliances: insulation layers such as fridges, vacuum flasks, h2o heaters, water dispensers, etc.

CZPT industry: developing wall insulation, roof water-resistant insulation, cold storage insulation, attractive insulation board, qualifications wall decoration board, imitation wood moldings, Roman columns, slabs, and many others.

Transportation sector: aircraft and automotive interior areas, seats, handrails, headrests, doorway panels, dashboards, steering wheels, bumpers, cushions, fenders, sunlight visors, filter seals, and many others.

Leather sector: sneakers, outsole, insoles, artificial leather-based, and many others. CZPT fields: mining sieve plates, mechanical rubber rollers, industrial casters, seals, cushions, sheets and other products.

Packaging industry: on-website environmentally welcoming foam packaging, cushions, etc.

Sports and healthcare business: volleyball, skateboard wheels, boxing gloves, helmets, knee pads, artificial human body, health-related bed components

Principal technological info of polyurethane foam injection machine

Flux 50-300kg/min
Injecting time .one-99.9s
Producing force eight-10Mpa
Control method PLC automated control
Major physique dimension 1370*1350*2250mm
Weight 1500kg


High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine