Hydraulic Pumps A7vo107dr 63L-Npb01 A7vo55 80 107160 250 Spare Motor Parts

Hydraulic Pumps A7vo107dr 63L-Npb01 A7vo55 80 107160 250 Spare Motor Parts

Product Details 

Detail Design Amount(The pursuing types are for reference only, please contact us for a lot more details)

R9571571 A7VO eighty DR/63L-VZB01
R905716018 A7VO eighty DR/63R-NZB01
R90571353 A7VO eighty DRM/63R-PPB01
R900 0571 ninety four A7VO 80 DRS/63R-NZB01
R90571637 A7VO eighty EP/63R-DZB01
R9057150 A7VO 80 EP/63R-NPB01
R900076107 A7VO 80 EP/63R-NZB01
R905716614 A7VO eighty EPD/63R-NPB01
R90571280 A7VO 80 EPG/63L-NPB01
R905718157 A7VO eighty LR /63R-NZB01
R900 0571 36 A7VO eighty LRD/63R-NZB01
R905713049 A7VO eighty LRG/63R-NPB01
R905710958 A7VO eighty LRH1/63R-NPB01
R909427817 A7VO80DR/61L-DPB01
R909429972 A7VO80DR/61L-PPB01
R909427474 A7VO80DR/61L-PZB01
R909603666 A7VO80DR/61R-DPB01
R909429970 A7VO80DR/61R-PPB01
R909427473 A7VO80DR/61R-PZB01
R909603463 A7VO80DR/61R-VPB01
R909611236 A7VO80DR/63L-NPB01
R957141727 A7VO80DR/63L-NPB01
R957131398 A7VO80DR/63L-NPB01
R957148313 A7VO80DR/63L-NPB01
R957131399 A7VO80DR/63L-NPB01
R95715571 A7VO80DR/63L-NSB01
R909610389 A7VO80DR/63L-NZB01
R957111535 A7VO80DR/63L-NZB01
R957114211 A7VO80DR/63L-VZB01
R957153713 A7VO80DR/63L-VZB01
R957111516 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01
R957123173 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01
R957139554 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01
R957133099 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01
R957141655 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01
R957192759 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01-E
R957192783 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01-E
R957192911 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01-E
R957152291 A7VO80DR/63R-NSB01
R909610384 A7VO80DR/63R-NZB01
R957133780 A7VO80DR/63R-NZB01
R957129173 A7VO80DR/63R-NZB01
R957118651 A7VO80DR/63R-NZB01
R957157123 A7VO80DR/63R-VZB01
R9 0571 8141 A7VO80DRG/61L-PPB01
R909446519 A7VO80DRG/61R-PPB01
R95717 0571 A7VO80DRG/63L-NPB01
R957182441 A7VO80DRG/63L-NSB01
R957147412 A7VO80DRG/63L-NSB01
R909611217 A7VO80DRG/63L-NZB01
R95715710 A7VO80DRG/63R-NPB01
R957135264 A7VO80DRG/63R-NPB01
R957126467 A7VO80DRG/63R-NPB01
R957163902 A7VO80DRG/63R-NPB01-E
R909611216 A7VO80DRG/63R-NZB01
R957126417 A7VO80DRG/63R-NZB01
R957139716 A7VO80DRG/63R-VPB01
R957184231 A7VO80DRG/63R-VZB01
R9096 0571 seven A7VO80DRM/61R-PPB01
R909611105 A7VO80DRS/61L-NZB01
R909427480 A7VO80DRS/61L-PZB01
R909427479 A7VO80DRS/61R-PZB01
R9 0571 8174 A7VO80DRS/61R-PZB01-S
R957134206 A7VO80DRS/63L-NZB01
R957109850 A7VO80DRS/63R-NZB01
R957135435 A7VO80DRS/63R-NZB01-S
R90961 0571 A7VO80EP/61R-DZB01
R90961571 A7VO80EP/61R-DZB01-S
R9 0571 8136 A7VO80EP/61R-PPB01
R95715 0571 A7VO80EP/63L-NPB01
R957152102 A7VO80EP/63L-NSB01
R90961571 A7VO80EP/63L-NZB01
R957106759 A7VO80EP/63R-NPB01
R957118658 A7VO80EP/63R-NPB01
R957118650 A7VO80EP/63R-NPB01
R957123134 A7VO80EP/63R-NPB01
R957194646 A7VO80EP/63R-NPB01-S
R957133371 A7VO80EP/63R-NPB01-S
R957122031 A7VO80EP/63R-NPB01H
R957152150 A7VO80EP/63R-NSB01
R909610386 A7VO80EP/63R-NZB01
R957168965 A7VO80EP/63R-VPB01
R957152367 A7VO80EP/63R-VZB01
R909427478 A7VO80EPD/61L-PZB01
R9 0571 7568 A7VO80EPD/61R-DZB01
R9 0571 4614 A7VO80EPD/61R-PPB01
R909427477 A7VO80EPD/61R-PZB01
R957145153 A7VO80EPG/63L-NPB01
R957194867 A7VO80EPG/63L-NZB01
R957178626 A7VO80EPG/63L-VZB01
R957133220 A7VO80EPG/63R-NPB01
R957192206 A7VO80EPG/63R-NPB01-E
R957143758 A7VO80EPG/63R-NZB01
R957108639 A7VO80EPG/63R-NZB01P
R957157116 A7VO80FOE/63L-VZB01-S
R909448105 A7VO80HD1/61L-PZB01
R909448744 A7VO80HD1/61R-PPB01
R95715 0571 A7VO80HD1/63L-NPB01
R957152100 A7VO80HD1/63L-NSB01
R909610390 A7VO80HD1/63L-NZB01
R957123286 A7VO80HD1/63L-NZB01
R957131049 A7VO80HD1/63L-NZB01
R957129150 A7VO80HD1/63L-NZB01
R957118648 A7VO80HD1/63L-NZB01
R957111562 A7VO80HD1/63L-NZB01
R957140166 A7VO80HD1/63R-NPB01
R957118647 A7VO80HD1/63R-NPB01
R957152148 A7VO80HD1/63R-NSB01
R909610385 A7VO80HD1/63R-NZB01
R957170403 A7VO80HD1/63R-NZB01
R957137385 A7VO80HD1/63R-NZB01
R909603471 A7VO80HD1D/61L-DZB01
R909428907 A7VO80HD1D/61L-PZB01
R909603465 A7VO80HD1D/61R-PPB01
R909428905 A7VO80HD1D/61R-PZB01


  Product Quantity Management Manner Specifications Working Strain Characteristic
A7VO LR electricity control 

DR Stress Control 
High definition hydraulic control, associated to pilot pressure 

EP CZPTal Control with Proportional 


28, 55, 80, 107, one hundred sixty Widespread strain: 35MPa, 
Peak force: 40MPa. 
Axial tapered piston variable displacement pump with oblique shaft framework for open up loop hydrostatic transmission 
Applicable to the subject of going for walks equipment and Industry 
Output circulation is proportional to velocity and pump displacement. Flow is steplessly adjustable from highest to zero (qvmax to QV min = 0) 
Variable modes are appropriate for various adjustment and handle devices 
Strong and compact bearing method with long services daily life. 
Safety guidelines
1, A7VO pump is developed for open circuit. 
-Undertaking plHangCZPT, set up and commissioning of axial piston device must be carried out by certified staff. . 
2, Ahead of utilizing the axial plunger unit, please read the corresponding handbook entirely. If essential, you can get it from Bosch CZPT. 
3, In the course of and shortly soon after procedure, there might be a risk of burning of the axial piston device (particularly the electromagnet). Appropriate security measures (this kind of as sporting protective garments) should be taken. 
– The traits of the axial plunger unit could vary with different functioning problems (working force, oil temperature) of the axial plunger component, the qualities might adjust. 
Operate pipeline oil outlet
one, Oil nozzles and fastened threads are created for highest recommended pressure. Device or method makers must make certain that the protection element of connecting parts and pipes meets the specified doing work conditions (strain, circulation, hydraulic oil, temperature) 
2, Function pipeline nozzles and practical nozzles are only employed in hydraulic pipelines. Pressure shutoff valves and strain controllers do not supply overpressure basic safety protection. Overflow valves will be presented in the hydraulic system 
three, The knowledge and recommendations contained below should be adopted. 
– The merchandise can not be accredited as a component that follows the standard mechanical safety idea of ISO 13849. 
– The subsequent tightening torque is utilized. 
Install bolts
For installation bolts with ISO metric threads in accordance with DIN 13 regular and with ASME B1.one normal threads, we advocate that the tightening torque of each and every box be checked according to VDI 2230. 
one, Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for tightening torque of the joints employed. 
Locking screw
1, For the metal locking screw connected to the axial plunger element, the fastening torque MV necessary for the locking screw is utilized. For numerical values, see the desk underneath. 

A lot more Specifics About Us

CZPT service 1.We can support buyers design and style specific goods or create items according to buyers’design
2.We can print emblem according to buyers’ requirement
our rewards one.We are a single of the most total hydraulic pump accessories makers in the china, we have been engaged in hydraulic pump add-ons for much more than 10 years.
2.Our price tag is lower, the shipping time is fast, the design is comprehensive, because we are a manufacturing unit.
Consumer Support

1.You might email us by way of the make in china messaging technique if you have a query

or would like to submit a comment.

two. CZPTly, e mail will be responded to inside 24 hours besides on every Sunday

and holidays. We will reply as soon as we back again in place of work.

three. If you do not see what you are hunting for, just send us an e-mail with image/photo

and we will be glad to support you.

4. Constructive suggestions is really crucial to us.

Packaging & CZPT
Delivery Particulars
one.We can choose distinct approaches of transportation in accordance to the wants of the clients, possibly by professional categorical or by air and sea.
two.The shipping cycle of equipment is typically about 1 months,but we have many CZPT in inventory
, the shipping and delivery cycle of the pump is normally a single to 3 months, relying on which model.
Queries you maybe inquiry

Q1:Could you custom made products?

A:We can manufacture it in accordance to your drawings or samples.

Q2: I want to purchase your products, how can I pay?

A :You can shell out through T/T , WEST UNION or other payment conditions we achieve arrangement.

Q3: How can you assure the quality?

A: One year’s warranty towards B/L day.

If You meet up with with good quality difficulty, we guarantee to accountable for it.

Q4: If we never find what we want on your site, what ought to we do?

A: You can e-mail us the descriptions and images of the merchandise you require, We will verify regardless of whether we can make it.

Q5: Can we acquire 1 laptop of every product for quality testing?

A: Indeed, we comprehend top quality take a look at is essential and we are happy to send 1pc for top quality testing.

Q6: What is the lead time?

A: For this merchandise, normally three times,three times and lead time is calculated from the working day we acquire your deposit.




Hydraulic Pumps A7vo107dr 63L-Npb01 A7vo55 80 107160 250 Spare Motor Parts