Hydraulic Scissor Scaffolding for Highrise Buildings

Hydraulic Scissor Scaffolding for Highrise Buildings

CZPT scissor scaffolding for highrise properties


Item Description:

one. Load capacity: 500kg

2. CZPTing top: 10m

3. Drive power: four pneumatic rubber tyres.

4. Programs: aerial installation, servicing, clean at the building websites, workshops, warehouse, station, resort, airport, wharf, fuel station and stadium etc.

five. Custom-produced according to the requirement

Product rewards:

Substantial operating ability, most spacious platforms for a number of men and women to function on, very easily moved, highstrength metal buildings, smoothly lifting up and dropping down, simply operated number of faults.


1. The gear is primarily employed to raise staff to higher locations for routine maintenance, cleaning or installation.

2. An perfect gear of secure operation

three. It is characterised by wonderful loading capacity.

4. Regular ascending and descending

five. Cell handy, simple to operate.

6. CZPT power: AC, DC or diesel obtainable.

Power sources:

– Local electricity obtainable at the operating web sites(110V,220V,380V,415V) .

– 3 powers available: CZPT Energy: AC electricity Diesel electricity Battery electrical power(DC electrical power)

Basic safety defense

one. Explosion-evidence valves: safeguard hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.

two. Spillover valve: It can stop high force when the machine moves up. Change the stress.

3. Emergency decrease valve: it can go down when you meet up with an unexpected emergency.

Product types List:

We settle for any personalized-manufactured specification, hereinafter the parameters for your reference

Design Potential Desk measurement Max height Operate top Overall dimension Internet bodyweight
SJY0.three-4 300Kgs 1500×750mm 4m 5.7m 1850×900×1900mm 400Kgs
SJY0.three-six 300Kgs 1500×750mm 6m seven.7m 1850×900×1970mm 650Kgs
SJY0.three-eight 300Kgs 1650×1000mm 8m 9.7m 2100×1200×2460mm 1200Kgs
SJY0.5-eight 500Kgs 1980×1220mm 8m nine.7m 2500×1550×2380mm 1400Kgs
SJY0.eight-8 800Kgs 2000×1220mm 8m 9.7m 2600×1550×2640mm 1700Kgs
SJY0.3-10 300Kgs 2100×1220mm 10m eleven.7m 2700×1550×2380mm 1500Kgs
SJY0.5-ten 500Kgs 2100×1220mm 10m eleven.7m 2700×1550×2380mm 1600Kgs
SJY1.-ten 1000Kgs 2220×1220mm 10m 11.7m 2820×1720×2850mm 2380Kgs
SIY0.three-twelve 300Kgs 2550×1500mm 12m 13.7m 3150×1860×2850mm 2580Kgs
SIY0.five-twelve 500Kgs 2550×1500mm 12m thirteen.7m 3150×1860×2850mm 2780Kgs
SJY1.-12 1000Kgs 2600×1500mm 12m 13.7m 3200×2015×3090mm 3580Kgs
SJY0.three-14 300Kgs 2990×1600mm 14m fifteen.7m 3600×2000×2850mm 3000Kgs
SJY0.5-fourteen 500Kgs 2990×1600mm 14m fifteen.7m 3600×2000×2850mm 3200Kgs
SJY0.3-sixteen 300Kgs 3230×1600mm 16m seventeen.7m 3700×2000×3030mm 3900Kgs
SJY0.three-eighteen 300Kgs 3230×1600mm 18m 19.7m 3700×2000×3250mm 4500Kgs
SJY0.3-twenty 300Kgs 3230×1600mm 20m 21.7m 3700×2000×3450mm


In depth elements:


The Certificate:


1. Reply your inquiry in 24 functioning several hours

2. CZPT layout is accessible,OEM are welcomed

3. Shipping and delivery the products to our buyer all in excess of the globe with speed and precision

four. Offer you customer the least expensive price tag with large high quality lifting machine


Hydraulic Scissor Scaffolding for Highrise Buildings