Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Jack System Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge

Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Jack System Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge

Submit Stress Smart Tensioning Machine (DF-ZN-ZL-II/IV) is an progressive achievement with several patents designed and enhanced from preceding merchandise cooperated with dozens of well-known domestic investigation institutes. The Tensioning Phase can be entirely automated by means of its constructed-in management module, computer and lots of sensors to stay away from error or interference brought on by human aspects. This is the most superior technologies in the discipline of Submit Stress CZPT in CZPT.


The Inside System Language Manage is used of Siemens Smart Collection S7-200 which has benefits of rapidly info processing, quick response speed and accurate calculation. And it makes use of Ethernet as its principal communication technique. Also, relays, transformers and inverters are created goods cooperated with many well-acknowledged institutes in domestic.


As a chopping-edge product, “Large-Tech, Substantial Good quality and Hugely Successful” are its merchandise mission, aiming to resolve handbook interference, multi-jack error and real-time supervision for contractors. Searching forward to receiving your information : )

With the SYNCHRONOUS of CZPTry and Secondary Handle Cupboard, WORCZPT ERROR triggered by manual elements will be averted. Also, equally CZPTry and Secondary Management Cupboards have constructed-in Bluetooth Module which can transmit sign wirelessly with no delay. A single CZPTry Management Cupboard can join with dozens of Secondary Handle Cupboards. And all of these equipment can be managed by a one laptop computer. All working information can be uploaded to SEVER in actual-time, straightforward to check out remotely.

Each Manage Machine can assist one or much more jacks to operate synchronously at the exact same time.  The management device instantly adjusts the operating error of every single jack,  according to the doing work signal transmitted by the built-in Constrained Position Sensor to ensure synchronous procedure.

A customizable highly experienced substantial strain oil pipe is equipped on the device, which has a thick protecting layer to prevent tear-aside and oil leakage. A more tough, far more effcient and much more time-preserving pipe is what we give to you.


Design DF-ZN-ZL-two DF-ZN-ZL-4 DF-ZN-ZL-six DF-ZN-ZL-8
Number of jacks supported 2 4 six 8
Oil pump output 2L/min
Gas tank capacity 70L
Motor Electricity 3Kw
Optimum output pressure 70Mpa
Displacement measurement accuracy .08%FS
Stress measurement accuracy .two% FS
Conversation method Wireless knowledge terminal
Doing work voltage 370V ~ 400V
Ambient temperature -10`C ~ 40`C
Device size (L*W*H) 640mm * 460mm * 928mm
Terminal laptop computer Lenovo laptop (with committed application)


Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Jack System Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge