Hzs60 Concrete Batching Plant with Self Material Weighing System

Hzs60 Concrete Batching Plant with Self Material Weighing System

HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant with Self Substance Weighing System 

The concrete mixing plant is a combinational system utilised to mix concrete in centralized. There are many different varieties and elements of the concrete mixing vegetation, the simple composition contains: Feeding system, measuring (weighing) system, mixing system, electrical program and auxiliary equipments (this kind of as air compressor, drinking water pump and so forth. ).

They are employed to transport, feed, keep, batch, weigh, mix and discharge the concrete uncooked supplies: Cement, water, sand, crushed stone, admixture and additive.

Target Belt conveyor concrete batching plants adopt the twin-horizontal shaft, which can create many types of concrete this kind of as plastic and dry concrete.
The mixture undertake the accrued or independent measurement. The cement, drinking water, additive undertake the weighing hopper to evaluate, which can attain a very exact measurement.
It is easy to work. Since all the components are managed by the computer. 

∑Competitive value and high top quality
∑Good after-sale services
∑ISO and CE certified with twelve months warranty
∑Reliable functionality

Parameters of FOCUS Belt conveyor concrete batching plant:

Product HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180 HZS240
Theoretical output(m³/h) sixty 90 120 180 240
Mixer model JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
Output per batch(m³) 1 one.5 2 three 4
Aggregate batcher PLD2400 PLD2400 PLD3200 PLD4800 PLD6400
Overall electrical power(KW) one hundred ten a hundred forty five one hundred sixty 205 340
Aggregate weighing accuracy(%) (-3000)kg±2% (-4000)kg±2% (-4500)kg±2% (-4500)kg±2% (-6000)kg±2%
Cement weighing precision(%) (-600)kg±1% (-1000)kg±1% (-1200)kg±1% (-1800)kg±1% (-2400)kg±1%
H2o weighing accuracy(%) (-four hundred)kg±1% (-four hundred)kg±1% (-600)kg±1% (-800)kg±1% (-a thousand)kg±1%
Fly ash weighing precision(%) (-400)kg±1% (-four hundred)kg±1% (-600)kg±1% (-800)kg±1% (-seven hundred)kg±1%
Additive weighing accuracy(%) (-40)kg±1% (-40)kg±1% (-fifty)kg±1% (-50)kg±1% (-120)kg±1%
Discharge peak(m) 3.8-four.2
Max. combination dia.(mm) eighty-one hundred
Cement silo and screw conveyor On request
Whole bodyweight (ton) forty six 60 seventy one 87 112
All round dimension(LxWxH)(m) 33.8×14.8×19.four 38x16x19.four 44x18x19.4 fifty eight.5×23.5×22 60x25x22

What are the major attributes of Focus Belt conveyor concrete batching plant?
∑Adopting twin-shaft obligatory concrete mixer, Target concrete batching plant mixes evenly and speedily, reaching excellent mixing result for all kinds of dry, semi-dry and plastic concrete

∑Compact-structured planetary gear was adopted in our concrete batching plant to guarantee clean, fast and successful transmission

∑Concrete batcher can be created as underground, partly underground or entirely-above floor, three-6 hoppers are pneumatically controlled by personal computer with quick and precise instruct, complete work can be accomplished in separate or accumulative types

∑Aggregate belt conveyor is truss-framed for simple assembly, inclination angle is generally less than 20 levels, nonetheless, it can be up to 45°by adopting by way of(groovy) belt when the floor area is restricted for the concrete batching plants

∑Three-stage suspension sensors equipped to ensure accurate and rapidly powder and liquid weighing

∑Dust collection program largely aims at dealing with dust generated in the procedure of loading the mixer and pumping powder into the powder tank, the total batching plant is all in shut state

∑UPS, stable overall performance Siemens PLC, large velocity and precision weighing device module merged with our professional handle and monitoring computer software

∑Full computerized and easy operated generation procedure of materials measurement, transfer, mixing and discharging.
Heating program and ice plant could be adopted into this concrete plant in seriously cold and hot setting.

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Hzs60 Concrete Batching Plant with Self Material Weighing System