Low Price Hydraulic Plate Drilling Punching Marking Machine

Low Price Hydraulic Plate Drilling Punching Marking Machine

Product parameters

one.Max. punching pressure:1000kN

2.Max. size of workpiece: 775×1500mm

three.Thickness of workpiece:5 ~ 25mm

four.Max. punching diameter :  φ25.5mm(16Mn,20mm thickness Q235, 25mm thickness)

(we only provide the die of 16mm thickness for test run. If you want the die  of 20mm,25mm thickness for examination operate,  you must provide the feminine die oneself)

five.No. of die station:   3(a single of them can be outfitted with stamping die)

6.Min. length among hole and plate edge          

Punching:    25mm
Drilling:     the distance relies upon on the hole diameter

seven.Max. marking pressure:               800kN

eight.No. and dimension of character:           10 (14×10mm)

nine.Drilling diameter (substantial-velocity metal twist drill): φ16 ~ φ50mm

10.Rotation speed of drilling spindle (stepless velocity variation):120~560r/min,    5.5kW

11.Max. stroke of drilling spindle:      180mm

twelve.Feeding pace (hydraulic stepless adjustment) twenty~200mm/min

13.The processing precision:

It can in shape the stipulations of 1st-fee items in . The specific numerical price:
14.The place amongst arbitrary holes on the joint plate: longitudinal: ±0.5mm transverse :  ±0.5mm
15.Node plate: space between any two team holes : ±1.0mm, the area of the gap to the aspect of the steel plate: ±1.0mm
16.The vertical diploma, “t” is the thickness of plate ≤ .03t and ≤ 2mm

17.Motor electrical power of hydraulic pump: 15kW

eighteen.Electrical power of servo motor (X and Y axes):  2×2kW

19.The compressed air force ×discharging amount: .5MPa×0.1mthree/min

twenty.Total dimension  (length × width ×height):  3100×2988×2720mm

21.Web fat :Approx.6500kg

22.The motor of X and Y axes are world popular brand AC servo motor. The major electrical managing elements (PLC and CNC orientation program, encoder and change with out touching), hydraulic parts, pneumatic valve (electromagnetic valve, overflow valve, and unloading valve) and cylinder are all entire world popular model.

23.Doing work surroundings:

Functioning temperature: 0ºC~ 40ºC
Energy: 3 phase four wire system
AC Voltage: 380V
Fluctuation of voltage: ±10%
Frequency: fifty Hz
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Low Price Hydraulic Plate Drilling Punching Marking Machine