New Garbage Salvage Ship Aquatic Weed Harvester Cutting Machine

New Garbage Salvage Ship Aquatic Weed Harvester Cutting Machine

CZPT New Garbage Salvage Ship/Aquatic Weed CZPTer

Merchandise Description:
CZPT Rubbish Salvage Ship/Aquatic Weed CZPTer can remove aquatic plant from sea bottom totally, including the root. It is geared up with a hobbing cutter to dig sand and aquatic plant from the seabed. The aquatic plant will be collected by the front chain belt and stored by the back chain belt. When the back again chain belt is full, the equipment will sail to the lender or some barges to discharge the aquatic plant out.


Duration General 16m Amassing Width 1.5m
Overall Width 3.95m Displacement 18.2t
Overall Depth 4.8m Loading Capacity 3t
Pontoon Size eleven.6m Motor Electrical power 110kw
Pontoon Depth .95m Developed Pace 10km/h
Pontoon Width 4m Working Velocity 3km/h
Full Loaded Draft .5m Cruising Capacity 24h
Empty Loaded Draft .4m Propelling Technique Paddle Wheels

Doing work Area:

How the harvester operate 
1. The total automated aquatic weed harvester is utilised to clean the aquatic weed, drinking water hyacinth, reed, floating garbage and so forth.

two. The entire computerized aquatic weed harvester is a single of motor, propelled by two paddle wheels with hydraulic method. It’s fully computerized aquatic weed harvester. It is geared up with horizontal cutter underneath the entrance amassing convryor, and also with anti-crash defense device to shield cutter motor, and with rotary cutting device at each sides of the collecting cabin.

three. The amassing cabin could transfer up and down by the hydraulic lifting method. It will be modified in accordance to the gathering depth. CZPT gathering cabin, middle collecting cabin and rear collecting cabin are all conveyed by stainless metal conveyor belt.

4. It can be remotely controlled in the procedure cabin such as the navigation, collecting water weed, gathering floating trash and unloading work.

Workflow Chart:

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New Garbage Salvage Ship Aquatic Weed Harvester Cutting Machine