Outdoor 15m 1000kg Hydraulic High Capacity Diesel Scissor Lift

Outdoor 15m 1000kg Hydraulic High Capacity Diesel Scissor Lift

Outside 15m 1000kg hydraulic Substantial capability diesel scissor carry

XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. Initial Self propell Scissor raise is diesel electricity motors:with maximum functioning top from 10m to 16m. Our primary parts are all imported from United states of america and Europe. The self propell scissor lifts making use of diesel energy can be labored quietly appropriate for outdoor use. The crisis descending program which can permit the machine function generally when the energy is cut off. The diesel powered scissor lifts have the weighting gadget with patented engineering which can achieve the exact weighing for the system load, protection and reliability, anti mal-procedure perform to steer clear of the motor restart in beginning status and suited for outside use.

Protection safety measures:
one. Explosion-evidence valves
two. Equipped with anti-skid plate
3. Overload protecting system.
4. Single control solenoid valves :avoid dropping if power failure.
five. Unexpected emergency decrease valve
six.4 supporting legs.

Model Variety No. SP10D SP13D SP16D
Working Top Maximum 12 m 15 m 18 m
System Height Greatest ten m thirteen m sixteen m
CZPT ability 1150 kg 680kg 680 kg
CZPT ability (extension deck) 230 kg 230kg 230 kg
Length  four.2/4.81m four.2m /four.81m four.2/4.81 m
Width   2.28 m 2.28m two.28 m
Peak(stowed) two.81 m three.03m 3.twenty five m
Wheel baseF 2.84m 2.84m 2.84 m
CZPT clearance-center .23 m .23m .23 m
System measurement   three.ninety five*1.eighty three m three.95×1.eighty three m three.95*1.83 m
Extension deck measurement one.22m+one.52 m 1.22m + one.52 m one.22m+one.52 m
Turning radius within /exterior 2.78m /4.ninety five m 2.78m / 4.ninety five m 2.78m / 4.95 m
Journey pace(stowed) 6.3km/h six.3km/h 6.3km/h
Journey velocity(raised ) 1.1km/h one.1km/h 1.one km/h
Grade ability fifty% 50% .45
 Sold tire  33×12-twenty 33×12-20 33×12-twenty
weight 6850kg 7350 kg 8850kg
Fuel tank volume 115L 115L 115L
CZPT tank volume 170L 170L 170L
Drive method four*4*two 4*4*2 4*4*2
Motor Yanmar Yanmar Yanmar

Attributes &Benefits:
Robust energy: The diesel scissor carry has potent energy, and the 4- wheel drive has sturdy climbing capacity. The scissors elevate can shift large and lower speeds.
Draggable motor tray: The engine is put in on the tray that can be dragged out, which facilitates routine maintenance and repair.
Lively&Oscillation Axle: Energetic oscillation axle can perceive the terrain, and can guarantee that the machine can land on four wheel even on uneven street with out minimizing the driving drive.
Massive functioning area: The highest size of platform prolonged by cylinder ahead double direction can attain 6.sixty five*1.83m.
Outrigger: The hydraulic outriggers can be employed to stage automobiles in case of procedure on uneven ground.

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Our Service:
one.We can design the customerized the lifter as per your requirement.
two.The most suitable model will be recommended to you once we know about your requirement.
3.Shipment can be arranged from our port to your destination port or residence.
4.Opetion video can be sent to you if needed.
5.Routine maintenance video and consumer manual.
six.Parts of the lifting tools can be sent to you by express within 7 days if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:
one.How can customer buy parts once it break down?
The lift adopts most of the common parts of hardware.You can buy the parts in your local hardware market or forklift parts shop.
two.How can customer repair if any difficulty?
One of the great advantage of the equipment is with very very low failure rate.Even it breaks down,we can guide to repair it by video and repair instruction.
3.How long is the quality guarantee?
One year quality guarantee.send the parts free of charge

Outdoor 15m 1000kg Hydraulic High Capacity Diesel Scissor Lift