Rexroth Hydraulic System Sand Mining Equipment for Sale

Rexroth Hydraulic System Sand Mining Equipment for Sale

Siemens Full CZPT HID Brand name Cutter Suction Dredger for River Dredging Use 

HID dredgers developed and produced for 30 years and have been exported to a lot more than 37 nations. We are CZPT 500 businesses chosen maker with 30 years’ dredge workmanship. 

Working location: River, Coastal, Reservoir, and Lake Function and use: Desilting, Broaden river for ship navigation, land reclamation, scours, blows fill task. Suitable for dredging river clay, mud, and coastal deposits.

We design and style and manufacture a variety of of dredger designs:
→ Dredging depth: one.0m – 30.0m (underwater) → Output: 500 m3/h – 8000m3/h
→ Discharge Distance: 100m-4000m

Optional Unit:           1) Booster Pump Station
                                       2) Spud Carriage
                                       3) Submersible Pump
                                       4) Bucket Wheel Cutter
                                       5) Anchor Growth and Anchor Winch
                                       6) WorkBoat/Tug Boat
                                       7) Discharge Pipeline-HDPE Pipe, Rubber Hose, Floaters, Metal Pipe
                                       8) other folks primarily based on buyer’s require

CZPTs are dependable by numerous CZPT five hundred companies, we made and delivered for CZPT Railway CZPT, Electrical power CZPT, CZPT Communication and CZPT CZPT and much more. Welcome to HID Organization! 

– Technical Technical specs of 4500m3/h Cutter Dredger with 1500 discharge distance 


Complete LENTH  16M 22M 26M 36M 36M 38.95M 38.95M forty nine.5M
PONTOON Length 12M 14M 17M 25M 25M 29M 29M 41M
DEPTH one.5M one.6M 1.6M 2.0M two.0M 2.2M two.4M 3M
Drinking water Movement Capacity five hundred-600M3/H 900-10003/H 1200-1500M3/H 2000M3/H 3000M3/H 3500-4000M3/H 5000-7000M3/H 8000M3/H
DISCHARGE Distance 600M 1000M 1200M 1500M 1500M 1500-2000M 2000-2200M 4000M
DREDGING DEPTH 6M 8M 10M 14M 14M 16M 18M 25M

* Observe: All Specialized Technical specs can be CZPT based on your real dredging demands and working circumstances. 


  1. extensive assortment of use applications
  2. Substantial efficiency, massive output, significantly pump distance, low gasoline use
  3. Total hydraulic manage with CZPT, Vickers 
  4. Siemens PLC operation with the procedure comfort
  5. Motor decision from Weicchai, CZPT, CZPT and more.
  6. The modular design and style enables quickly assembly with HID seniors engineers 
  7. Dredger parts accessible in factories to allow brief supply times 
  8. Manage the operating procedure of dredging and pumping, delivering dredged materials. decrease cost
  9. Comply with manufacture guideline: CCS-ZC regular
  10. It can go CE, BV CBS, and much more certificates. 
  11. Western Dredge model areas, easy to uncover globally 
  12. Can select trustworthy Chinese brand parts to reduce costs 
  13. Acquire accessibility to our sales staff, design and style staff, manufacture team 24/7
  14. Life time Specialized Guidance
  15. Optional gear is offered such as Spud carriage, anchor growth. 
  16. Make sure you go away a message to Worldwide Director of Revenue and Management Bella Wang for more information 

CZPT Soon after Product sales Providers: 

  1. Totally free dredger session and totally free product drawings 
  2. Customize dredgers based on the client’s actual dredging needs 
  3. On-internet site visits and factory visit services presented by HID 
  4. Prepare 2-three HID senior engineer and professionals to enter the functioning site inside 36 hrs
  5. Totally free skilled assembly, education and working to make certain dredger operates smoothly 
  6. 1-year warranty and Lifetime technical assistance 
  7. Indication right after-sales services agreement with HID clients 
  8. Offer CZPT at a discounted price 
  9. On-website areas available 
  10. HID organization needs the dependable Revenue staff, style staff, manufacture team available 24/7 to greatest provide consumers.


    – PowerCZPT Set up its R&D centre in HID Dredging CZPT Business

    – Why Decide on HID:

    1. 30 years’ dredger manufacture workmanship
    2. CZPT 500 Firm picked provider
    3. Big manufacturing, ISO 9001 2015 good quality system
    4. 6 manufacture outlets, R&D centre, tests pool
    5. Presences in 37 nations
    6. ten series of dredging tools
    7. Dredge constructing certificate 
    8. Organization credit rating score AAA




    Welcome to HID Manufacturing unit, we are seeking ahead to supplying free of charge session for your dredging tasks, customise the dredge just for you, manufacture, shipping and delivery, assembly, train, operate, and provide life time technical help to attain your dredging purpose! 


    Rexroth Hydraulic System Sand Mining Equipment for Sale