Sesame Oil Making Machine Sesame Oil Extraction Hydraulic Presser Price

Sesame Oil Making Machine Sesame Oil Extraction Hydraulic Presser Price

Sesame Oil Generating Machine Sesame Oil Extraction CZPT Presser Price

 What is the Oil Extraction Machine?

one. Products:
Our products are edible oil press machine, edible oil extraction machine with solvent and edible oil refining machine. It truly is relevant to peanut oil press, ssoybean oil push, palm kernel oil press, sesame oil push, rice bran oil push, rapeseed oil press, cottonseed oil push, sesame oil press, copra oil push, castor oil push,sunflower oil push,pumkin seed oil push,corn germ oil push,bancoul oil press, walnut oil push, mustard seed oil push, avocado kernel oil push, shea nut oil push, pine nut oil push, grape seed oil push,almond oil press,tea seed oil push, pepper seed oil push,and many others.
We can supply oil push machine for 1 ton to 2000tons per day.
By the customers requirement we can provide cooking oil press machine, cooking oil making machine, cooking oil extractor or cooking oil refinery device. Any part of this edible oil producing line can be supplied by us.

two. Customers:
We have customers from all over the world like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,and Canada, 
Chile, Argentina,Ethiopia, India, Malaysia, Zambia, Nigeria, Russia , Turkey, More than 30 countries and areas.


three.Primary application hydraulic oil push machine:

one)This device is very suited for family employing and small scale oil factories. Which can press olive, sesame , cocoa beans, walnuts, almonds, and other substantial oil crops.
two) Right after pressed, the oil is really pure with good smell, can be edible for individuals right. The oil can reach the healthful regular.

four.Primary edge of hydraulic oil push machine:

one) It is simple for folks to understand, recognize, and function since of its modest dimensions. Aside from, it is no special specifications for folks to work.
2). It expenses much less various expenses with decrease electricity intake in use.
three) The machine is a hydraulic machine with huge strain, large oil yielding price and pure oil Quality.
4)The device adopts automatic management technique, automatic preheating handle and computerized force management of hydraulic system.

CZPT Method:

Detailed photos:
Composition of  hydraulic oil press machine

one.Major motor:Primary motor contains foundation, upright, best plate, oil drip pan nut and so on , it is 1 of the primary elements. Firstly the oil substance is put into the assembly of the push unexciting ,then it currently being droved up by the oil cylinder piston ,oil will outflow from the hole of press uninteresting ,and then go the oil drip pan to the drum for oil storage.

two.CZPT System :CZPT method is the major power drive of this machine, it consists of transmission shaft, turbine, worm equipment, equipment pump, high strain pump, overflow valve super high pressure safety valve hand-operated valve seamless steel tube pipeline link and other CZPT. This machine adopts the advanced energy pack of the entire world, and compared with two plunger pump, it is faster , greater stress and can resist greater temperature, it can carry on operating when the oil temperature is over 65 but needn’t cooling device.

3.Electronic method:Electronic technique is the most superior portion of this machine, it is fully automated, simple to function, and you will find no special request to the operator, so this device is especially ideal for peasant.

This device is composed of motor, volt meter, pressure gauge, electricity insurance policy and so on.

Design Style Electricity Capacity
hydraulic oil press machine
guide Hand 20-30kg/working day
hydraulic oil press machine
guide Hand 20-30kg/day
hydraulic oil press machine
guide Hand twenty-30kg/working day
hydraulic oil press machine
small electric one.5KW twenty-30kg/working day
hydraulic oil press machine
small electric 2.0KW 20-30kg/working day
6YZ-a hundred and fifty
hydraulic oil press machine
big electric YZ90L-4 0.75KW 2kg/ batch
6YZ-one hundred eighty
hydraulic oil press machine
big electric YZ90L-4 1.5KW 4kg/ batch
hydraulic oil press machine
big electric YZ90L-4 1.5KW 8kg/ batch
hydraulic oil press machine
big electric YZ90L-4 1.5KW 11kg/ batch
hydraulic oil press machine
big electric YZ90L-4 2.2KW 15kg/ batch

Functioning live-motion


1.What is the warranty of the machine?
12 months totally free guarantee and life prolonged normal compensated support.

two.What is the uncooked content of your machinery?
Stainless steel or carbon metal.

3.When can I get the price?
Inside of 24 several hours, if urgent ,you should contact us immediately.

four.How to question the quotation?
Make sure you inform us your oilseeds and your focus on capacity per day,then we will send our advices with products checklist to you at after.

5.Can we question the oil push for distinct varieties of oil ?
Indeed you can! But we recommend no more than 3 sorts of oils.

six.How huge land to create the oil plant?
The land spot needed generally is dependent on the ability of your plant. We can compute the area essential and give you the plant types.

7.How long will it get to get my goods?
CZPTly, it relies upon on your capacity. If you just need one equipment, it just wants 7-fifteen times. If you want the complete generation line, we ought to negotiate the time.

eight.Do you put in the production line and practice our stuffs for totally free?
Yes we do. We’ll deliver expert set up engineers to assist you put in the equipment and prepare your personnel freely.

Sesame Oil Making Machine Sesame Oil Extraction Hydraulic Presser Price