Super Large Flow Capacity Dredge Sludge Pump Factory

Super Large Flow Capacity Dredge Sludge Pump Factory

                                   Super huge stream capability dredge sludge pump manufacturing facility

one.Product description
ZD Dredge Pumps are single-stage one suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pumps with positive aspects of light excess weight, very good wear-resistant,
super dredging efficiency, ZD dredging pumps impeller passage is very extensive, It can constantly transportation gravels or higher plastic clay and not
transpires jam, specifically for dredging sands and damming of the river and seas.
ZD Sequence Dredge Pumps can be also integrated with the gearbox, that mean the pump and gear box share 1 widespread shaft.
So It will not require the pump bearing assembly and body, In this way, not only conserve place, but also reduce expense and breakdown ratio,
permit the dredge pump give enjoy to highest effectiveness.

It is a new kind of River Dredging sand Pump researched and made by our organization aiming at the dredging and damming of the river or lakes.

two.Merchandise functions and efficiency parameters
(one)Composition suitable for dredging ship:
    The structure of 200ZD-500ZD type pumps are single-casing, single-phase, one-suction, cantilever
    and horizontal. According to the connection with the gear box, two structures can be presented: self-carrying
    bracket and pump-box assembly. The lubrication for the bracket isgrease or slender oil.
    The construction of 600ZD-1000ZD type pumps are double-casing, one-stage, single suction, cantilever and
    horizontal. It has self-carrying bracket. Lubrication is compelled skinny oil lubricating. The double-casing design
    can make sure the liner can work till it is worn out, and if the liner crack, h2o can not enter into the pump.
   (2)Effortless to Disassembly and Set up, Convenient Upkeep:
    ZN kind pump adopts front-disassembly structure in favor of easy disassembly and servicing. Also it is
    equipped with unique disassembly equipment for every various element according to each part’s attributes.
    The normal trapezoidal quadruple thread is adopted to join the impeller and shaft, which not only
    transmits strong torque but also is straightforward to disassembly.
  (three)Great Performance on NPSH:
    The great NPSH performance of ZN variety pump assures the sturdy suction capacity as nicely as further
    dredging depth and denser dredging focus.

   (four)Great Use-resistant Efficiency, Prolonged Support Time of Moist Components:
    Damp components of this type of dredging pump-impeller, liner and front & back liner plate are adapted anti-wear
     cast iron alloy whose hardness is much more than 58HRC, who has equally powerful anti-assault function and increased
     resistance dress in and resistance abrasion features. The hardness of A31 materials that is investigated and examined successfully by us can investigation 70HRC.

    (five)Dependable Shaft Sealing With out Leakage:
    The shaft of 200-500ZN dredging pump uses the mechanical sealing or stuffing sealing or mechanical-stuffing compound sealing. The shaft of 600-1000
ZN dredging pump adopts spiral sleeve L (shape) rubber sealing device that is composed of a few L sealing ring and one unique thread shaft sleeve.

3. Solution Present

four.Our firm and quality handle

5.Packing&Shipping and delivery

We utilizes the steel foundation + protective movie + fumigation-free of charge wood box + metal belt to pack the pump, to guarantee the security of the pumps in cargo.
We also design and style special packing for in excess of size part to remedy container loading problems.


6.Our pumps on oversea initiatives


Super Large Flow Capacity Dredge Sludge Pump Factory