Wear-Resistant Industrial Dredge  Pump

Wear-Resistant Industrial Dredge  Pump

ZiXihu (West Lake) Dis. ZD Dredge sand pump Introduction

WN Dredge Pumps are solitary-phase solitary suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pumps
with positive aspects of light weight, excellent put on-resistant, super dredging performance, WN dredging
pumps impeller passage is extremely wide, It can continuously transport gravels or large plastic clay
and not takes place jam, Especially for dredging sands and damming of the river and seas.
WN Series Dredge Pumps can be also integrated with the gearbox, That suggest the pump and
equipment box share 1 widespread shaft. So It dosen’t need to have the pump bearing aseembly and frame,
In this way, Not only save area, but also decrease value and breakdown ratio, Enable the dredge
pump give enjoy to maximum efficiency.

Model  Capacity Head Pace Efficiency η(%) NPSH  (m) Outlet/Inlet  Diameter Max Particles Size (mm)
(m3/h) H(m) n(r/min)     (mm)
ZD300 1800-2200 40-sixty five four hundred-550 74-seventy eight four 300/450 200
ZD450 3200-3850 40-sixty seven 350-five hundred 76-eighty 4.five 450/600 220
ZD500 4500-5500 forty-sixty five 350-450 78-eighty four.8 five hundred/650 230
ZD600 5000-9000 55-80 280-420 84-85 six 600/seven hundred 320
ZD700 8000-12000 sixty-85 280-380 eighty three-eighty five 6 seven-hundred/760 380
ZD900 12000-19000 50-seventy five 280-330 eighty five-87 six 900/960 320
ZD1000 16000-25000  23-seventy six 181-290 eighty five-87 six one thousand/1200 350

ZiXihu (West Lake) Dis. ZD Dredge sand pump Primary Feature

     1. Superior hydraulic model, CAD 3D design, higher efficiency and evident energy-conserving
     2. Huge dredging depth, large density of dredging mud, excellent NPSH and sturdy suction carry capability
     3. Strong via-set. The pump can presistently discharge gravel, higher plastic soil lump,etc.
     4. The pump can be immediately matched with possibly motor or diesel motor
     5. Extensive software. It can be utilised in various types of soil good quality. CZPTly, the pump is matched
        with an impeller with three or 5 items of vane. At the identical time, the impellers can be offered with
        various diameters and vane kinds to fit kinds of functioning issue.
     6.  Little hydraulic reduction, substantial performance and lower oil-intake
     7.  Little quantity, gentle fat
     8.  Steady functioning, little vibration, lower sounds
     9.  Simple & reliable constrution, easily disassembly & assembly,convenient maintaince
     10.Trustworthy sealing with no leakage
     11.Lengthy running daily life of parts

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Wear-Resistant Industrial Dredge  Pump