Ys81-400 Hydraulic Baler for Scrap Metal Recycling

Ys81-400 Hydraulic Baler for Scrap Metal Recycling

New fashion CZPT metal recycling press baler 

 Features of HangCZPT Baler:
Main welded Frame: Sturdy and durable with more than 10 years warranty. 

Main Cylinder: Domestic famous engines, strong driving force.
 Good quality hydraulic oil cylinder with 7 years warranty.

Reliable designed gate can increase the density of bale.

Advance PLC System: Siemens or Omron Touching Screen

Package: Seaworthy package for (Film package,Naked package or Shrink-pack). 
24 hours online service
Enquiry will be replied in 2 hours

One yr guarantee and lifelong maintenance.

Spare areas: source one particular set of CZPT for free, instrument box, operation e-book.

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Y81 Sequence Steel CZPT BALER
Change-out Series
Design Nominal Pressure (kn) Press Box Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) Bale Measurement (W*H) (mm) Bale Fat (kg) Manufacturing (T/h) Electricity (kw)
Y81F-63 630 one thousand*600*five hundred 200*200 20~twenty five .9~1.one seven.five
Y81F-100 a thousand a thousand*seven hundred*550 250*250 forty five~55 1.one~1.3 eleven
Y81F-125A 1250 1200*seven-hundred*600 three hundred*three hundred sixty~80 one.2~1.five 15
Y81F-125A1 1250 1200*800*600 300*300 sixty~80 one.two~one.six 15
Y81F-125A2 1250 1200*900*600 three hundred*three hundred sixty~eighty 1.2~1.six 15
Y81F-125B 1250 1200*700*600 250*250 forty five~sixty 1.two~1.5 15
Y81F-125B1 1250 1200*800*600 250*250 45~60 one.2~1.six fifteen
Y81F-125B2 1250 1200*900*600 250*250 45~60 1.2~one.6 15
Y81F-125AD 1250 1400*800*seven-hundred 300*three hundred sixty five~eighty one.five~two. 18.5
Y81F-one hundred sixty 1600 1400*900*seven-hundred 320*320 eighty~one hundred ten 2.two~3. 22
Y81F-160A 1600 1600*1000*800 four hundred*four hundred one hundred ten~one hundred fifty two.2~3. 22
  1600 1600*1200*800 four hundred*400 130~a hundred and eighty two.six~three.9 fifteen*two
Y81F-200 2000 1600*1000*800 four hundred*four hundred one hundred ten~150 two.two~3. 37
Y81F-200A 2000 1600*1200*800 400*400 130~a hundred and eighty 2.8~three.nine 37
Y81F-200B 2000 1800*1400*800 450*450 130~a hundred and eighty 2.8~three.9 37
Y81F-250A 2500 2000*1400*900 five hundred*five hundred a hundred ninety~280 three.five~5. 22*2
Y81F-250B 2500 2000*1750*one thousand five hundred*500 two hundred~380 4.~six.five 22*two
Y81F-250BKC 2500 2000*1750*one thousand 450*450 a hundred and sixty~250 3.two~4.five 22*two
Y81F-315 3150 2500*2000*1200 600*600 250~650 4.five~seven. forty five*two
Y81F-400 4000 3500*2000*1200 500*600     45*2
Y81F-five hundred 5000 3000*2500*1200 600*seven hundred     55*two


Aspect Press-out Sequence
Design Nominal Power (kn) Push Box Size  (L*W*H)(mm) Bale Measurement(W*H)(mm) Bale Fat(kg) Generation(T/h) Energy (kw)
Y81T-63 630 1000*600*five hundred two hundred*two hundred 28~35 .9~one.1 7.5
Y81T-a hundred a thousand 1000*seven-hundred*550 230*230 42~fifty three 1.2~one.five eleven
Y81T-125A 1250 1200*seven hundred*600 three hundred*three hundred sixty five~eighty 1.two~one.eight fifteen
Y81T-125B 1250 1200*700*600 250*250 fifty~sixty two 1.two~1.five fifteen
Y81T-125AD 1250 1400*800*seven-hundred 300*three hundred     18.five
Y81T-one hundred sixty 1600 1400*900*700 320*320 70~85 one.five~two.2 22
Y81T-160A 1600 1600*one thousand*800 400*four hundred one hundred ten~150 2.~3.5 22
Y81T-160B 1600 1600*1200*800 400*400 130~one hundred eighty two.~4. 15*2
Y81T-200A 2000 1600*1200*800 450*450 140~one hundred ninety 2.five~four.five 37
Y81T-200B 2000 1800*1400*900 450*450 210~three hundred 3.~five. 22*two
Y81T-250A 2500 2000*1400*a thousand 500*500 230~270 4.~6.three 22*two
Y81T-250B 2500 2000*1750*a thousand 500*five hundred 250~280 five.~six.3 22*2
Y81T-315A 3150 2000*1400*one thousand five hundred*500 250~360 4.~six.5 37*2
Y81T-315B 3150 2000*1750*a thousand five hundred*five hundred 260~370 5.~7. 37*two
Y81T-400 4000 3000*2000*1200 five hundred*600 250~380 six.~eight. 45*2
Y81T-500R 5000 2500*1300*800 five hundred*500 300~five hundred six.~ten. 22+37


Ahead-out Series
Design Nominal Force (kn) Push Box Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) Bale Dimension (W*H)(mm) Bale Fat (kg) Generation(T/h) Electricity (kw)
Y81Q-100 1000 1100*600*550 600*220 forty~sixty 1.~one.eight seven.5
Y81Q-135A 1350 1400*600*600 600*240 fifty~75 one.5~2.8 22
Y81Q-135B 1350 1100*600*600 600*240 45~sixty five one.two~1.7 15
Y81Q-160 1600 1600*800*600 800*280 60~ninety 2.~3. 22
Y81Q-two hundred 2000 1600*800*700 800*280 90~one hundred ten two.five~3.five thirty
Y81Q-250 2500 1750*900*800 900*350 a hundred and ten~one hundred thirty four.5~6. 22*

1. Product identify: Scrap comprossor

2. Fetures:
1) 4 compressor cylinders.
2) Bale discharging: Turn-out, The deal is compact and rigid.
3) CZPT driven with hand-value or PLC.
4) Options for distinct drive, push box size, bale condition&dimensions.
5) Use diesel motor when electrical motor is unavailable.
six) With protection warning lables.
seven) No set up essential.
8) With emergency button end any time.
nine) Long lifestyle of motor and pump.
10) With oil tank on baler, straightforward installation.
11)flange link and no oil leak.
12)feed box size can be CZPT.
thirteen)IP54 water proof cabinet, ISO46 hydraulic oil.

three. Purposes:

1) Be used to compress scrap metals, scraps, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless metal.
two) Be capable of extruding a variety of steel leftover, steel paring, waste copper, aluminum, stainless steel and scrapped vehicle into
Typical charging as square colum, cylinder and so on. Distinct styles.
3) Be employed in recycling organizations, metal processing companies, metal firms.
4) Decrease the deliverying value and scrap recycling cost.
five) The procedure performance is higher and lump measurements are similar.
6) The hydraulic technique applies an built-in valve block and the solution is steady and dependable.

4. Support

one) 1 yr promise and lifelong maintenance.
2) Spare components: Offer one established of CZPT for free of charge, instrument box, procedure book.
three) Any dilemma, you can get in touch with us immediately.

Product Y81F-200A
Nominal Pressure 2000KN
Press box dimension 1600*1200*800mm
Bale dimensions 400*400mm
Bale weight 130-180kg
Production two.eight-three.9 Ton/h
Electricity 15Kw+22Kw

Ys81-400 Hydraulic Baler for Scrap Metal Recycling