High Pressure Fixed Displacement Pump

High Pressure Fixed Displacement Pump

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one. Quick introduction of operate
     MCY sequence axial piston pump can enter pure hydraulic oil of 31.5MPa stress to different hydraulic systems this sort of as hydraulic push and hydraulic drive, so as to generate enormous function inspiration. The pump can also be utilised as a hydraulic motor. In accordance to the wants, the oil pump has a range of variable varieties. The oil pump and oil motor are commonly used in ships, aviation, mining, metallurgy, die-casting, forging, device resources and other machines. Their qualities are little volume, higher efficiency, lengthy life, advanced design and style, compact structure and handy servicing.

two. Pump Construction:


3. Merchandise Line

     HangCZPT Strong INDUSRTY specializing in providing CY14-1B sequence axial plunger pump kind: (1) MCY14-1B (CZPTtitative axial piston pump), (two) SCY14-1B (handbook variable axial plunger pump), (3) YCY14-1B (constant electrical power variable axial piston pump), (four) MYCY14-1B (grading variable axial plunger pump, (5) (PCY14-1B) continual strain variable axial piston pump), (six) BCY14-1B (proportional variable pump)
1) Capacity1.twenty five–400MCY14-1B (CZPTtitative axial piston pump): 1.25MCY14-1B, two.5MCY14-1B, 5MCY14-1B, 10MCY14-1B, 16MCY14-1B, 25MCY14-1B, 32MCY14-1B, 40MCY14-1B, 63MCY14-1B, 80MCY14-1B, 63MCY14-1B, x, and so on.
two)Potential 10–400SCY14-1B (guide variable axial piston pump): 10SCY14-1B, 16SCY14-1B, 25SCY14-1B, 32SCY14-1B, 40SCY14-1B, 63SCY14-1B, 80SCY14-1B, 160SCY14-1B, 250SCY14-1B, 400SCY14-1B.
three) Potential ten–400YCY14-1B (continuous power variable axial piston pump): 10YCY14-1B, 16YCY14-1B, 25YCY14-1B, 32YCY14-1B, 40YCY14-1B, 63YCY14-1B, 80YCY14-1B, 160YCY14-1B, 250YCY14-1B, 400YCY14-1B.
4) Capacity 10–160MYCY14-1B (grading variable axial piston pump): 10MYCY14-1B, 25MYCY14-1B, 40MYCY14-1B, 63MYCY14-1B, 80MYCY14-1B and 160MYCY14-1B.
5) Ability 10–400PCY14-1B (continuous pressure variable axial piston pump): 10PCY14-1B, 16PCY14-1B, 25PCY14-1B, 32PCY14-1B, 40PCY14-1B, 63PCY14-1B, 80PCY14-1B, 160PCY14-1B, 250PCY14-1B, 400PCY14-1B.
6) Ability twenty five–400BCY14-1B (electro hydraulic proportional variable axial piston pump): 25BCY14-1B, 40BCY14-1B, 63BCY14-1B, 80BCY14-1B, 160BCY14-1B, 250BCY14-1B and 400BCY14-1B.


4. Primary Parameters:

Model Mpa Potential
Potential L/min Max Power KW Max Torque
1000r/min 1500r/min 1000r/min 1500r/min
2.5MCY14-1B 31.5 two.5 two.five three.75 one.four 2.two 12.6

five. Inventory Listing:

Product CZPTtity
2.5MCY14-1B 116
5MCY14-1B 111
10MCY14-1B one zero five
16MCY14-1B ninety four
25MCY14-1B 104
40MCY14-1B 111
63MCY14-1B 98
80MCY14-1B 110
100MCY14-1B 92
160MCY14-1B 92




six. Parameters of Other Types:


seven. About our Items:

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High Pressure Fixed Displacement Pump